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History Trail

Milestone 1: Try Something New!

Pretend you can travel through time! Discover what Texas was like long ago. Meet different people, events and cultures! Remember to keep track in your journal of where and when you go! Ready for more? Go to Milestone 2!

Visit a history museum
Visit a city or state historical site
Talk to an older person about how things have changed in your area
Ask your parents and other relatives about your heritage
Visit a cemetery
Stop and read historical markers along the roadsides
Visit a living history museum or facility
Visit a cultural fair, county fair, or similar event
Research the folklore of your area
Visit a farm or ranch
Visit an antiques shop with someone who can explain some of the antiques you see
Read about or view videos of various historical events
View old maps to see how development has changed your community or area
Help with canning or preserving of food for the family
Help in the preparation of homemade bread, tortillas or other traditional food
Attend Texas Wildlife Expo