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Nature Trail

Milestone 1: Try Something New!

Discover the secrets and mystery of nature! Be sure to keep a journal of what you see, hear, smell, feel and learn along the way. Here are some suggestions for what you can do to achieve this first milestone. You don't have to stop at one, they're all fun! Ready for more? Go to Milestone 2!

Watch wildlife. Any kind, bugs and butterflies or birds and bats.
Look for wildflowers
Look for evidence of wildlife like feathers, bones, scat and tracks
Look for animal homes like bird nests, burrows, etc.
List things wild animals eat, see if you can find some
Look for animal eyes at night with a spotlight
Sit outside and listen to hear how many natural sounds you can recognize
Observe and count the animals that visit your backyard or neighborhood
Look for stars in the night sky
Visit a fish hatchery
Visit a botanical or water garden
Visit a nature center
Visit a city or state aquarium
Visit a city or state park
Visit a local stream, pond, ditch or bayou-what do you find?
Catalog insects, spiders, etc.
Use a magnifying glass to look at very small animals, plants and their parts
Make leaf or bark rubbings
Watch a nature video or read a book about wildlife
Swim in a lake, river or creek
Take a hike and look for fossils
Use a compass to find North, South, East and West (which way does your house face?)
Use a compass to determine wind direction
Set up a rain gauge to see how much water your yard gets