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Milestone 1: Try Something New!

Have you ever tried hiking, fishing or camping? There a lots of ways to have fun outdoors! Try one or two or three...and write about it in your journal! You don't have to stop at one, they're all fun! Ready for more? Go to Milestone 2!

Go fishing, hunting, camping, hiking or boating
Go mountain biking
Go horseback riding
Fly a kite
Go swimming in a lake pond or creek
Go target shooting with a bow or gun at a shooting range or other safe place
Make a stamp collection of postage stamps showing wildlife or other aspects of nature
Find and play some games of another culture (native American, Mexican, etc.)
Make a scrapbook of wildlife pictures from magazines
Take your camera on a nature expedition
Make a treasure map of a park and have your friends find the "hidden treasures"
Go bird or wildlife watching with binoculars
Collect items from the wild and create an artistic collage
Draw, paint or sculpt something from the wild
Use a compass to follow a map of your hiking trail
Attend Texas Wildlife Expo