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What a Wingspan!

The Bald Eagle has a wingspan of 7 feet. These broad wings of an eagle allow it to soar and circle as it scans the ground in search of a meal.


  1. Measure a distance of 7 feet on a wall.
  2. Mark the distance with tape or chalk.
  3. Hold your arms out against the wall to compare your armspan with a bald eagle's wingspan. (Your armspan should be about the same measurement as your height.)

How Do You Compare?

  1. Who had the longest armspan? What was the difference between that person's armspan and an eagle's wingspan?
  2. How does its wingspan help the eagle as a predator?
  3. What other adaptations help the bald eagle as a predator?

Bald Eagles in Texas
Bald eagles live in the Prairie and Lakes region of Texas. Bald eagles were once endangered because of pollution in the environment. Laws preventing that pollution and good wildlife management restored the bald eagle population to sustainable levels.