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Dinosaurs in Texas

People have discovered the fossils of 21 different dinosaurs in Texas! These dinosaurs fall into three groups or "batches" in terms of geologic time. No one knows what colors dinosaurs were. This picture is just one artist's guess! What do you think?

Batch 1:

Age: about 225 - 220 million years ago
Texas Panhandle

1 Coelophysis
2 Technosaurus
3 Shuvosaurus

Batch 2:
Early Cretaceous

Age: about 119 - 95 million years ago
Central Texas

4 Acrocanthosaurus
5 Pleurocoelus
6 Tenontosaurus
7 Iguanodon
8 Deinonychus
* Proctor Lake hypsilophodont
* Pawpawsaurus
* Protohadros

Batch 3:
Upper Cretaceous

Age: about 75 - 65 million years ago
Big Bend Region

  9 Alamosaurus
10 Tyrannosaurus
11 Chasmosaurus
12 Torosaurus
13 Edmontosaurus
14 Kitrosaurus
15 Ornithomimus
16 Stegocerus
17 Panoplosaurus
  * Euoplocephalus

* These dinosaurs were found after 1995 and are not in this drawing. There is very little evidence of Jurassic dinosaurs in Texas.

Non-Dinosaur prehistoric animals: