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The Pleurocoelus is the state dinosaur. Fossil evidence shows that Pleurocoelus traveled in groups with the young on the inside, probably so they could be protected by the larger adults. Pleurocoelus means "hollow side" because of the way its vertebrae (backbones) are scooped out along the sides.

Pleuroceolus Tracks: The hind feet left huge saucerlike depressions with three claw marks up front. The front-foot tracks are smaller and resemble horseshoes. Scientists think that Pleurocoelus must have walked on the tips of its front toes. A place to see Pleuroceolus tracks is Dinosaur Valley State Park!

Length: 45 feet
Weight: 10 tons
Time: 119 - 105 million years ago
Where Found: Central and North-Central Texas, Maryland and England

Think About It: If a small car weighs 2 tons, how many cars would it take to equal the weight of a Pleurocoelus?