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Texas dandelion

Texas Dandelion
Pyrrhopappus carolinianus

Dandelions are common over the eastern half of the state. The Texas dandelion is different from the common dandelion, however. It is much larger and taller and is sometimes called "False dandelion."

The Texas dandelion has unique dark purple to black "anther tubes" in the center of the flower. It has lemon-yellow flower heads, one to one and a half inches across. They grow in pastures, along roadsides and in lawns.

Texas dandelions have a milky sap. When the seed heads are dry, they look like little puff balls. They are fun to blow apart, but when you do, you are blowing little seeds everywhere. This is a trait that helps these plants spread to new areas.

CHALLENGE: When is a plant or flower called a weed?