PROTECT THE LAKES YOU LOVE. Stop Invasive Species Clean, Drain and Dry

Giant Salvinia Public Awareness Campaign

A major public awareness campaign calls on boaters to "Protect the Lakes You Love" by taking action to stop the spread of destructive aquatic invasive plants like giant salvinia, which can severely limit fishing, swimming and boating access and displace native beneficial plants that are used as habitat by fish.

Giant salvinia, a non-native plant first found in Texas in 1997, is a free-floating fern that can double in size in just a few days and can form mats up to three feet thick. It can take over an entire lake cove in a matter of weeks, choking out all aquatic life below its thick mats and making boating, swimming or fishing impossible.

Getting the Word Out

The awareness campaign reminds boaters to "Clean, Drain and Dry" their boats, trailers, and gear before traveling from one lake or river to another, since boats are the main way aquatic invasive species like giant salvinia are spread.

Boaters will see and hear the campaign messages in targeted online and radio ads, billboards, gas station advertising, and emails. The campaign also includes videos starring the "Lake Dudes," animated characters designed to engage boaters and encourage social media sharing.

Supporting Partners

  • Sabine River Authority
  • Brazos River Authority
Giant Salvinia on boat trailer

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