Water Quantity Program

Honey Creek, TexasThe Water Quantity Program deals with various aspects of water right permitting, planning, and policy seeking to maintain a sufficient flow of water in Texas’ rivers and streams and freshwater inflows to bays and estuaries for the benefit of ecologically and economically important fish and wildlife.  The Water Quantity Program is also involved with environmental flows issues.  The Program reviews and comments on water development projects, participates in instream flow studies as a part of the Texas Instream Flow Program, conducts assessments of spring systems, contributes to the regional water planning process, works with various groups that are part of the environmental flows process mandated by Senate Bill 3 in 2006, participates on drought committees and initiatives, and develops/investigates strategies for protecting instream flows and freshwater inflows.  The multi-disciplinary Program works with local, state, and federal agencies and a variety of stakeholders to ensure that the needs of fish, wildlife, and aquatic resources are addressed in water use planning, permitting, and development activities throughout the state.  Program staff works closely with staff from throughout the agency to address a variety of water quantity issues.