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Commonly Used Herbicides for Control of Aquatic Plants

This table is adapted from product label recommendations. Other plant species could be affected. Exercise care when non-target plants are present. Individual products and labels can vary. Follow individual product recommendations to determine effectiveness and application rate. Label information and recommendations are subject to change. Read and follow all product label recommendations and restrictions. These herbicide listings do not constitute an endorsement by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. This listing does not include all available aquatic herbicides and formulations.

In certain counties, 2,4-D, both ester and amine formulations, are regulated under Texas Agriculture Code, Chapter 75 and Special Provisions (Section 11.2). Consult with the Texas Department of Agriculture prior to using any 2,4-D product.

E = Excellent control; G = Good; F = Fair
Aquatic Plant Herbicides
2,4-D Diquat Endothall Fluridone Glyphosate Imazapyr Triclopyr Copper Sulfate Chelated Copper
Emergent Species Alligatorweed       G G E E    
American Lotus       G G   G    
Parrot feather           G E    
Pickerelweed G         G G    
Smartweed       G E G G    
Waterlily E     G E G E    
Water pennywort   E       E E    
Water primrose       G E F E    
Waterwillow E         F G    
Yellow cow-lily G     G E F E    
Submergent Species Bladderwort E E   E          
Brazilian elodea     E E          
Bushy Pondweed   E E E          
Coontail G E E E          
Elodea   E   E          
Fanwort       E          
Hydrilla     E E       F G
Parrot feather   E E G     E    
Pondweed   E E E          
Watermilfoil E E E E     E    
Water stargrass E   E            
Floating Species Duckweed   E   E   F      
Salvinia   E   E E        
Water hyacinth E E     E E E    
Waterlettuce   E     E E      
Marginal Species Black willow         G G E    
Bulrush         E G G    
Cattail   G   G E E      
Giant reed         G G      
Torpedograss       G G G      
Algae Chara     E         E E
Nitella     E         E E
Filamentous Species     E         E E