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Aug. 7, 2012

Spanish Hunter Education Course Offered In Central Texas

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is offering a hunter education course in Spanish in San Antonio on August 25-26 for Spanish-speaking hunters and people considering the activity for the first time.

“During the San Antonio Rodeo, children that visited our exhibit asked their parents to take them hunting,” said María Araujo, a program director with Texas Parks and Wildlife. “This course is ideal for the entire family to get initiated into the interesting sport of hunting and to expose children to a healthy outdoor activity that promotes sustainable use of wildlife resources.”

The course will be held at the San Antonio Gun Club and includes firearm safety, a live fire practice with air rifle, hunting regulations and ethics, field techniques and wildlife conservation. “Some youth become interested in biology and wildlife management as a career when they learn the section on habitat management and wildlife conservation,” said Araujo.

New hunters usually ask, but where can I go hunting? With access to more than 220 areas across the state, the TPWD Annual Public Hunting (APH) Permit, for only $48, offers opportunities to harvest white-tailed deer, dove, turkey, waterfowl, squirrel feral hog and other species. The course gives more information on this annual permit and the public hunting areas.

The class is mandatory for every hunter, including foreign and out-of-state hunters, born after September 1, 1971. The minimum age of certification is 9 years. Every year, more than 30,000 youth and adults in Texas become certified in hunter education, and the certification not only lasts a lifetime, but is also recognized by all states and Canadian provinces that require hunter education.

This hunter education course in Spanish costs $15 per person and requires reservation by calling 512/389-4901. For more information see:

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