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July 23, 2019

TPWD Performs Large-scale Feasibility Study for Wyler Aerial Tramway Project; El Paso Community Foundation Hosting Public Meeting July 24

EL PASO— The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is performing a feasibility study geared toward determining the future of the Wyler Aerial Tramway. A public meeting hosted by the El Paso Community Foundation will be held July 24 at 6 p.m. This is an opportunity for residents of El Paso to provide input on the project in person.

“This feasibility study is a great first step toward determining the future of the only public tramway in the state of Texas,” said Rodney Franklin, Director of Texas State Parks. “We are excited to use the feedback we get from the citizens of El Paso and from around the state through these public meetings and online survey.”

The meeting will take place in the El Paso Community Foundation’s office, 333 North Oregon St., El Paso, TX, 79901. Anyone unable to attend the meeting can still provide their input through an online survey found at

“It’s a piece of El Paso’s identity, and a big part of our history. It was a very popular destination up until it ceased operation” said Eric Pearson, president of the El Paso Community Foundation. “Thanks to our lawmakers in Austin—especially Senator Jose Rodriguez and State Representative Lina Ortega—we now all have an opportunity to work on a new concept.”

The Wyler Aerial Tramway was originally designed to provide maintenance access for television transmission towers in the Franklin Mountains until it was donated to TPWD in 1997. The department reopened it to the public in 2001 following extensive renovation.

For more information about Wyler Aerial Tramway, visit the Wyler Aerial Tramway website.


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