News Roundup

Bastrop State Park Wildfire Recovery

Aug. 28, 2012

Media Contact: Tom Harvey, (512) 389-4453,

First Year Summary of Post-Wildfire Restoration at Bastrop State Park

Repaired infrastructure, facilities, utilities and trail systems to include road/culvert repairs, construction of new hiking trail bridges, electrical repairs in campgrounds, and water-well repair — $1 Million

Resource recovery work to include hazardous tree removal around campgrounds, roadways and hiking trails, emergency erosion control to preserve topsoil and prevent further damage to roads and historic culverts — $1.82 Million

Hazardous material cleanup and replacement of equipment and vehicles — $98,000

More than 500 volunteers have contributed over 2,200 hours on erosion control and Houston toad habitat enhancement projects.  Volunteers have installed almost 2 miles of erosion control straw logs and have hand-distributed almost 30 dump truck loads of wood mulch within intensely burned Houston toad breeding areas.

Provided wildfire interpretive programs for about 1,000 Park visitors.

Created interpretive materials advising visitors of Bastrop State Park environmental conditions and interpreting fire on the landscape, including website, headquarter and trail kiosks, trail signage, and visitor hand-outs.

Thousands of Bastrop State Park staff time hours have been dedicated to planning and implementing post-wildfire clean-up and restoration.