News Roundup

Bobwhite Quail Management

Discussions on Quail Continuing

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission’s Upland Game Bird Advisory Committee and an ad hoc group known as the Quail Roundtable met jointly for the first time Tuesday at TPWD Headquarters in Austin to discuss what additional actions are needed to advance quail conservation in Texas. TPWD Executive Director Carter Smith moderated the day-long meeting. The two groups agreed that research remains important to finding ways to help bobwhites recover in Texas. All partners were encouraged to continue to find ways to support ongoing and top priority research.

Established in 2010, the Roundtable’s primary purpose is to act as a clearinghouse of information and forum of the exchange of ideas on the part of a wide variety of quail interests. Members includes representatives from the Quail Coalition, Wildlife Habitat Federation, Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch, Texas Tech University, UNT Quail, the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute, Oaks and Prairies Joint Venture and the National Resources Conservation Service, along with various other conservation and landowner organizations, ranchers and quail enthusiasts.

Participants supported TPWD’s focus-area development approach to quail conservation which is in line with the national model of quail restoration. Additional information on the national model of quail restoration is available at

The group also agreed on the value of developing on-the-ground action teams similar to those supported by TPWD and partners including the Wildlife Habitat Federation. These teams provide equipment and expertise for turn-key habitat restoration with willing landowners.