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Devils River Land Acquisition

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated Dec. 6, 2010

What is the new proposal?

The FAQ material below is older and contains dated references.

Updated Nov. 4, 2010

What happened at the Nov. 3-4 TPW Commission meeting? Why was the project delayed?
What is happening now?
Why is Texas Parks and Wildlife Department considering acquisition of the Devils River Ranch?
Is this a done deal?
What are the relative pros and cons of the Devils River Ranch compared with the existing Devils River State Natural Area?
Here is a side-by-side comparison:

Devils River State Natural Area

Devils River Ranch

  • 19,989 acres
  • 2 miles river frontage
  • ~ 2 hours north of Del Rio
  • Relatively poor access
  • Poor internal road system
  • Aging facilities
  • Rock art resources
  • Conservation easement to protect property permanently
  • Adjacent to Nature Conservancy of Texas protected area (Dolan Falls)
  • 17,638 acres
  • 10 miles river/lake frontage
  • ~ 45 minutes north of Del Rio
  • Good access
  • Good internal road system
  • Modern facilities
  • Rock art resources
  • Conservation easement to protect property permanently
  • Adjacent to the 67,000-acre Amistad National Recreation Area
What is TPWD’s position regarding public input on this proposal?
Why is TPWD proposing spending much of its limited acquisition funding to acquire a new state park when the State of Texas is facing a serious budget shortfall?
A private donor has contributed about $2 million to support this transaction. Will the donor have any special privileges or access to the new State Park/Natural Area?
Is TPWD paying appraised value for the Devils River Ranch?
Why would TPWD spend its resources on a project that results in a net loss of 2,000 acres of park land? Wouldn’t it be better to use limited funds to expand the park system?
Doesn’t TPWD have an obligation to the existing state natural area? Does it have unique cultural and natural resources not present on Devils River Ranch?
Has TPWD estimated the costs of operating the new property alongside expected revenue from it? Would it mean an increase in operating costs?
Would the agency allow off-road vehicle use at the new site?
Would the proposal limit public access while the new site is in transition?
Would the cost of planning and developing the new property in effect mean taking money from existing Texas state parks?
How does this acquisition meet TPWD’s stated goals to add park land that is closer and more accessible to Texas population centers?
Would the proposal limit public opportunity to paddle the entire Devils River? Specifically, won’t this in effect rule out paddling the upper river from Baker’s Crossing to the existing state natural area?
If greater proximity and accessibility from Del Rio is a key advantage of Devils River Ranch, doesn’t Amistad National Recreation Area already provide recreational opportunity close to Del Rio?
Why wouldn’t TPWD take some of the almost $8 million it proposes to spend on the transaction and use it to improve access to and public opportunities at the existing state natural area?
Did TPWD follow its land transaction policy guidelines in providing advance public notice of the Devils River Ranch proposal?
How and when was the paddling community informed of the proposal?

The following paddling organizations were notified by email on October 13, 2010.

This organization was notified by email on October 20, 2010.

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