TPWD: News Roundup: Outdoor Activity of the Month: October — History

 News Roundup

Outdoor Activity of the Month: October — History

Radio Episodes

Passport to Texas Radio Program

Outdoor Activity of the Month in Texas State Parks

October is History Month

These radio shows are created and produced by Texas Parks & Wildlife and made available to media throughout the state.  You are welcome to post these shows on your website or air them on your radio station.

Turn up your volume and listen to these 90 second Radio Episodes on Texas History and Archaeology:

  1. Preserving the Past,
  2. What’s Worth Saving,
  3. History: Fanthorp Inn, Communication Hub (Part 1),
  4. History: Fanthorp Inn, Impact on Texas (Part 2),
  5. History: Fanthorp Inn, Yesterday/Today (Part 3),

You will find these and other downloadable files at:

For more information contact:

Executive Producer, Cecilia Nasti at (512) 389-4667.