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TPWD News Release — Feb. 28, 2005

TPWD Game Warden Field Notes

The following are excerpts from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement reports.

Leave the Badge at Home to Hear What Texans Think of Wardens! Montgomery County Game Wardens decided to go fishing on a day off recently. After three hours of fishing and only one white bass to show for it, they decided to call it quits. They approached a man in a boat close to theirs and asked if he would like their lone fish. The man replied, “Is it long enough? You know those dad-gum game wardens don’t have no sense of humor about that kind of stuff.” The two wardens laughed and agreed. After closely checking the size of the white-bass, the man happily placed the fish into his live well and said thanks.

Jackpot — A Frio County warden got a call from a local taxidermist about a suspicious deer that had been entered into the Los Cazadores deer contest. The deer was killed in LaSalle County. The warden, along with a LaSalle County warden, began an investigation that led to eight citations and four deer heads being seized. Several subjects were cited for hunting under the license of another and allowing another to hunt under their license. Three of the four deer heads seized are subject to civil restitution penalties. The wardens followed up with this information and began another investigation about illegal hunting activities in Atascosa County with wardens there. The result of this investigation resulted in 11 citations and four warnings for untagged deer, hunting under the license of another, no cold storage records, hunting deer without a non-resident license and reusing deer tags from other hunters. Several other unwritten warnings were noted through the course of the investigation. A Harris County warden obtained a statement from one of the violators who lives in Houston. Two deer heads that were killed illegally in Atascosa County had been shipped to Georgia (in violation of the Federal Lacey Act) and are being shipped back to Texas for civil restitution and evidence. Several cases are pending.

Jackpot Part II — A Galveston County Game Warden concluded an investigation that started back in December. Charges were filed on an individual who had been hunting in San Saba County under a refused license. The warden utilized cold storage invoices, numerous witness statements, and digital photos obtained from the suspect’s camera phone to obtain written confessions about 10 deer illegally harvested during the past two years. The warden recovered five sets of antlers, seized more than 200 pounds of meat, and confiscated a bow and rifle. Cases pending are hunting while a license is refused (class A), exceeding the limit on deer, using another’s tag, and no hunter safety. Additional charges were filed against two others for possession of untagged deer, improperly tagged deer, and possession of an illegally killed game animal. Civil restitution fines will be sought on a total of 13 deer.

Jackpot Part III — While patrolling the western side of his county in an area known for road and night hunting, a Milam County Game Warden observed two men in slow-moving pickup truck swerve and then abruptly turn when they saw him. He stopped the vehicle and found a shotgun propped between the front seats. The warden discovered the passenger was wanted for a parole violation. The passenger had a 30-page criminal history spanning five states. The parolee was taken to the Milam County Jail for the warrant and charged with possession of a firearm by a felon. Cases are pending.