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TPWD News Release — April 11, 2005

Stay Tuned

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Passport to Texas, TPWD’s radio series of weekday, 90-second stories is broadcast on more than 100 Texas stations. Airing April 11-15, landowners—do you want to make some extra money? We'll tell you how in this week’s episodes. Also, we’ll tell you about a hunting season that was 20 years in the making. And before you book that stuffy hotel conference room for your next meeting, family reunion, or wedding reception, consider taking your event outdoors.

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TPWD provides video news reports that run in newscasts on numerous Texas stations, as well as on cable and satellite outlets around the nation.

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Texas Parks & Wildlife” is a weekly half-hour television series seen on PBS affiliates around the state. Airing April 10-17, adventure racing is not new, but holding events in state parks is. At Tyler State Park, manager Bill Smart and his staff welcome this new group of park patrons as they hike, bike, paddle, run, walk, and crawl among the park’s pines. Also this week: Billie Foster helps explain how the ancient pictographs at Seminole Canyon State Park & State Historic Site tell of a lost culture; hunter education instructor Heidi Rao has some tips for handling a gun safely in the field; and the wide open Trans-Pecos is home to the adventurous antelope.

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