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TPWD News Release — July 1, 2008

TPWD Adds Dove Zone Scoping Meeting at World Birding Center

AUSTIN, Texas — The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has scheduled an additional scoping meetings to gather public input on a proposal to move the South Zone second split of dove season deeper into January.

To provide additional public comment opportunities, TPWD will hold a scoping meeting in Mission on July 9 at the World Birding Center, Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park, 2800 South Bentsen Palm Drive.

Two other scoping meetings will be held on the following dates and at these locations:

All meetings are scheduled for 7 p.m.

The public is invited to comment on the proposed dove season in the South Zone, which if adopted would run Sept. 20-Nov. 2, reopening Dec. 26-Jan. 20 with a 12 bird bag and not more than two white-tipped doves.

The North Zone would run Sept. 1-Oct. 30, with a 15-bird bag and not more than two white-tipped doves; the Central Zone would be Sept. 1-Oct. 30 and reopen Dec. 26-Jan. 4, with a 12-bird bag and not more than two white-tipped doves. Possession limit is twice the daily bag.

The Special White-winged Dove Zone, which now encompasses land west of I-35 and south of U. S. Highway 90, would open to white-winged dove afternoon-only (noon to sunset) hunting the first two Saturdays and Sundays in September and reopen Sept. 20-Nov. 2 and again from Dec. 26-Jan. 16. The daily bag limit is 12 birds, not more than four (4) mourning doves during the first two weekend splits and two (2) white-tipped doves.

In South Texas, a few hunters have requested more hunting opportunity in January. To accommodate this request, the department is proposing to move one week from the end of the first season segment (Nov. 3-9) and put it in January (Jan. 14-20). Quail and deer hunting would still be concurrent during either of these periods.

The public is urged to provide public comment at any of the following public scoping meetings or online at

Adoption of the early migratory game bird seasons will take place later this summer as population and other data becomes available.


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