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TPWD News Release — July 26, 2012

Hunting Education Offers Lifetime Benefits for Students and Instructors

With hunting season just around the corner, students of all ages around the state are encouraged to sign up for hunting education classes to familiarize themselves with the skills, regulations and responsibilities that every licensed hunter should know.

p>Currently the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has 394 structured two-day courses and 308 online home study field days currently scheduled for hunting education. The flexibility of being able to take an online course can be beneficial for any student that has other activities, or classes going on at the same time.

The classes can really pay off long term, since the hunting education certification lasts for a lifetime, and is recognized by all states and providences that require hunter education.

Join the youth and adults that have participated in the hunter education courses, and benefit from the knowledge and experience that is gained through these courses.

Right now, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is about to enroll its one millionth student, and in honor of this milestone a Henry Golden Boy .22 caliber rifle will be awarded to that lucky student, as well as his instructor.

Anyone completing a hunter education student course can also apply to become a certified hunter education instructor.

To become an instructor, an applicant must:

There are several upcoming instructor courses scheduled around Texas: