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Jan. 27, 2010
Media Advisory: Port Arthur Oil Spill News Video Available
Texas Parks and Wildilfe Department is making available broadcast-quality news video at the FTP address above. On the FTP site there are two .mov files, described below, each containing about 2:00 of raw video with nat sound and some short interview soundbites.
FTP Site Address:
Username: ftpCommpub
Password: 5*b1ZZer
OiledBirdsRescue (2:21) -- shows TPWD Biologists Winston Denton and Steven Mitchell assessing the environmental impact by boat, with nat sound of them describing what they see, shots of oil on the water, etc. They rescue an oiled pelican, capturing it with a net. Action then shifts to the wildlife rehabilitation trailer, showing a heron being warmed, a cormorant being cleaned. Ends with a short interview with Stacey Huffman of Wildlife Response Services, LLC
PortArthurSpill (1:58) -- shows U.S. Coast Guard aerial footage of the collision site, activity in the Incident Command Center, "ground zero" where the collision took place including close-ups of oil on water, the damaged tanker Eagle Otome, and the wrecked barge it collided with. Ends with a brief soundbite/interview from Winston Denton, Texas Parks & Wildlife Biologist.
It is recommended that file transfer software be used, such as FileZilla, to access and download the video files: http://filezilla-project.org/ If using FileZilla, fill in the top three boxes like this:
Host: Username: ftpCommpub Password: 5*b1ZZer
If the download is done via an Internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc., then the address to use is:
For those users that are using dedicated FTP client software, then the address to use is:
More news material about the spill: including photos and links to non-TPWD resources, is on the TPWD Web site at http://tpwd.texas.gov/newsmedia/releases/news_roundup/oil_spill/
On the Net:
More media information on the spill: http://tpwd.texas.gov/newsmedia/releases/news_roundup/oil_spill/