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[ Note: This item is more than three years old. Please take the publication date into consideration for any date references. ]
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Nov. 21, 2013
Recent Films Boost Popularity of Archery
AUSTIN- Characters such as Katniss Everdeen and elvish bowman Legolas, who play major roles in the popular upcoming films The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, have helped spark a wave a renewed interest in the recreational sport of archery.
Since the movies began incorporating the sport with their characters, the popularity for archery has grown. One way that is evident is in the upswing in instructor course enrollment.
The Texas-National Archery in Schools program has helped train more than 2,700 basic archery instructors, which include 1,600 classroom teachers. The instructors and trainers represent 161 counties, 63-percent, across the state.
The beauty of archery is that is can be done anywhere and there is more than one way to get involved. Archery ranges are available around the state and many host beginner's lessons.
Those interested in archery also can contact their city parks and recreation department, the county AgriLife Extension office, Junior Olympic Archery Development programs, or a local 4-H Shooting Sports archery club. The Texas State Archery Association's webpage also offers many resources.
Before heading to the archery shop, be sure to know whether you would like to do target shooting, hunting or bow-fishing. The recommended equipment will vary depending on what it will be used for. For information about equipment, be sure to read the Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine article, "Young Robin Hoods," to help choose the proper gear.
If you are interested in starting a program in your community, contact Burnie Kessner at Burnie.Kessner@tpwd.texas.gov or call (979) 862-7341. Also, visit the Texas National Archery in Schools Facebook page to see photos of past programs and more information.

[ Note: This item is more than three years old. Please take the publication date into consideration for any date references. ]
[ Media Contact: TPWD News, news@tpwd.texas.gov, 512-389-8030 ]
[ Additional Contacts: Dianne Powell, Sellmark, marketing director (210) 824-9474 or dpsellmark@sellmarkusa.com ]
Nov. 21, 2013
San Jacinto Museum Launches New Website
HOUSTON-The San Jacinto Museum of History Association has launched a completely new website at www.SanJacinto-Museum.org that uses engaging features and high-tech design solutions.
The new website features more than 3,000 images of the museum's artifact collections; maps of the battlefields; the challenging construction of the San Jacinto Monument in the early 1930s; searchable databases; and videos of Battle of San Jacinto reenactments and other attractions. The Houston firm BrandExtract, LLC created the website.
"The new site provides a very immersive experience and unprecedented access to the collections of both the museum and the library," says BrandExtract vice president Malcolm Wolter, who oversaw the website overhaul. "There's new video content that we created with the help of Houston Arts & Media; tons of pictures all over the site; and an interactive map that compares the current landscape to the 1836 site, as described in contemporaneous accounts."
The new website represents another major educational outreach of the San Jacinto Museum Association. In January, the organization's in-depth 'Curriculum Guide for Teaching Texas History' and an online Image Gallery of photos, documents, newspaper articles, artifacts and document transcriptions were released to the public. Now, just 10 months later, the new site becomes another important channel to bring Texas history to life.
The San Jacinto Museum of History is located inside the San Jacinto Battlegrounds State Historic Site in Laporte and is operated by the non-profit San Jacinto Museum of History in association with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The association owns the artifacts and documents inside the monument and staffs the elevator ride to the observation floor, movie, library and exhibition spaces. TPWD operates and maintains the 1,200-acre historic site, which includes the San Jacinto battleground, monument and Battleship TEXAS. The battlefield and the Battleship TEXAS are both National Historic Landmarks; the monument is a National Civic Engineering Landmark.