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Firearm Muzzle Control - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Skill Builders: Safe Muzzle Control Firearm safety requires you to know where the muzzle is pointed at all times.  Follow these basic safety rules for a safe, fun, enjoyable hunting trip. Find out more about hunter education at

A Mentored Hunt - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

A Mentored Hunt Getting youth started in the heritage of hunting is great but what if you are an adult like Ralston Dorn who’s interested in taking up the sport? Texas Parks and Wildlife now has “mentored hunts” to give grownups a taste of the outdoors from field to table. Learn more at:

Cool Quail Facts 2018

Texas has four species of quail. The most popular is the bobwhite quail known for its call. Its numbers have been in decline for the past 25 years but now folks are helping out.

We Will Not Be Tamed: A Natural Connection - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

A Natural Connection Meet Adrian Sabom and Xochitl Rodriguez. From the brush country of South Texas to the mountains of West Texas, these two women have outdoor pursuits as different as the landscapes. Both are mothers, one is a hunter, the other a hiker. When they meet and share their interests, they develop a friendship and a deeper appreciation of the outdoors. Find out more at:

Opening Weekend of Deer Season in Goldthwaite - Texas Parks & WIldlife [Official]

Hunters Welcome, Goldrush in Goldthwaite Hunting is not only a tradition in small towns across Texas, it’s also an important part of the local economy. The people of Goldthwaite, Texas look forward to deer season as quality time with friends and family, and as a time when hunters spend vital dollars in the town’s stores, gas stations and restaurants. Travel to Goldthwaite for the opening weekend of deer season to see how this quiet community comes alive when the hunters arrive.

Turkey Calling Tips

Turkey Calls Get some tips on calling turkeys with Steve Hall, the Hunter Education Director for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Win a Big Time Texas Hunt

Enter your chance to win 10 premium hunt packages on some of the finest private ranches and wildlife management areas in Texas. Proceeds from the Big Time Texas Hunts drawing support wildlife conservation, habitat management and public hunting. To enter, visit

Big Time Texas Hunts: Exotic Safari - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

One winner will experience the thrill of hunting exotic game, right here in Texas on the beautiful Mason Mountain Wildlife Management Area. Purchase by October 15, 2018 $9.00 per online entry* The lucky winner and their hunting companion will: - Hunt gemsbok, scimitar-horned oryx or axis deer. The winner can harvest two management exotics and their companion will be able to harvest one. - Enjoy 3 to 4 days of food and lodging at the scenic Mason Mountain WMA lodge. - Be guided by experienced TPWD biologists throughout the trip. With the help of expert guides, hunters at Mason Mountain WMA have had an outstanding 96% success rate. - Receive taxidermy (two shoulder mounts) for the winner. - Hunt with a modern rifle of .270 caliber or larger. *Please note that a $5 online administrative fee is required, but you can purchase unlimited entries or licenses in a single transaction and only pay one fee.

Win a Waterfowl Adventure!

Enter our Big Time Texas Hunts to win one of 10 premium hunt packages, including waterfowl adventures on some of the best hunting lands in Texas. Enter at Proceeds support wildlife conservation, habitat management, and public hunting.

Quail Research Hunt - Texas Parks and Wildlife

Members of the young professionals program, Stewards of the Wild, participate in a quail hunt at the Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch in Roby, Texas. The ranch is solely dedicated to the research and restoration of wild quail.

Turkey Hunting East Texas, Game of Gobblers - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Game of Gobblers Conservationist and hunter Terrance Jackson will be the first to tell you, “If Wild Turkeys could smell, they'd be nearly impossible to hunt.” Follow Terrance as he travels across East Texas working to restore and harvest the Eastern Wild Turkey.

Retrieving Dogs, Ruby the Retriever - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Ruby the Retriever Witness the best of the best hunting dogs in action as they compete at the Master National retriever competition. Learn what it takes to breed and train a top-level hunting dog.

Youth Hunt for Jacob Krebs - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

In Memory of Jacob Krebs A young man’s dream to become a Navy Seal and serve his country ends too quickly, but his values and family and community love sparks new opportunities and even life for many others. The Harper Wildlife Association Youth Hunt in Memory of Jacob Krebs is now an annual event providing first time hunting opportunities to youth who come from a military background.

Fun Turkey Facts - Texas Parks and Wildlife

There are about 600,000 wild Rio Grande turkeys found throughout the Western 2/3rds of Texas. They'll eat anything they can fit in their mouths from acorns to spiders.

Fun Deer Facts - Texas Parks and Wildlife

Texas has around 3.6 million white-tailed deer, which are among the most popular game animal in North America. Get information about hunting in Texas at

Youth Hunting Season - Texas Parks and Wildlife

The Texas Youth Hunting Program teaches kids safe, legal and ethical hunting. It's a great way to spend time with a parent or mentor in nature. Check out ways to get kids involed.

Cool Quail Facts - Texas Parks and Wildlife

Texas has four species of quail. The most popular is the bobwhite quail known for its call. It's numbers have been in decline for the past 25 years but now folks are helping out.

Bowhunting Season in Texas

Find bow hunting regulations and when the season opens at

75th Anniversary- Wildlife & Sport Fish Restoration Program- Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Overview of the impact of the Wildlife & Sport Fish Restoration Program, a funding source generated by hunters, anglers, shooters and boaters that supports wildlife and fisheries restoration, research, habitat protection, education and outreach for hunters and anglers, along with improving public access through boat ramps and fishing piers.

Outdoor Tourism: Selling Texas - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Selling Texas Each year, outdoor tourism contributes around 36 billion dollars to the state economy. Part of our popularity comes from the good public relations generated by the scores of outdoor-television programs. We'll look at some of those shows that can't wait to come here and show off our state. From the Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS television show, for stations and air times: http:\\

Hogs Gone Wild - Feral Hogs in Childress, Texas

Feral hogs are domestic hogs that either escaped or were released for hunting purposes. Considered a nuisance animal, they compete with livestock and native wildlife for food. Their rooting and trampling can damage native habitat, fields and crops. It's estimated there are over 1.5 million feral hogs in Texas. Use extreme caution around mothers and their young and wounded hogs. These hogs were videotaped at the Childress High School wildlife management area. For more information, visit

The Texas Hunting Guide from Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine

Get everything you need to know about Texas hunting in the free digital hunting guide for iOS and Android. Download at

How to skin a deer

Demonstration of how to skin a deer. For more information on Hunter Education go to:

How to field dress a deer

A demonstration of how to field dress a deer. For more information on Hunter Education go to: