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Searching for Desert Sparrows -Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Searching for Desert Sparrows Grassland birds are declining rapidly across North America. Habitat loss has made it especially tough on several species of sparrows. Research is underway from Canada to Mexico to find out how to save the disappearing grasslands and the tiny songbirds that call them home. This research is being done in conjunction with the Borderlands Research Institute at Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas, Bird Conservancy of the Rockies, and the Dixon Water Foundation. Find out more about Grassland Sparrows at: Bird Conservancy of the Rockies at:

Saving Black Skimmers - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Skimmer Savers You see this bird flying along Texas beaches skimming the surface of the water, it’s the Black Skimmer, and it’s in trouble. Take a look at efforts underway to save one of the most threatened coastal birds in Texas.

Victor Emanuel Profile - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Birdwatching and the Guide to Immortality Victor Emanuel entered the birding world when, as a boy, he joined a small ornithology club in Houston. That was over seventy years ago, and since, he’s been chasing birds over the world. Considered one of the preeminent birders anywhere, he has been an inspiration to tens of thousands of people. And even today, he’s helping prep a new generation of naturalists that will solidify his legacy long after he puts down his binoculars. Thanks for Travis Audubon for sharing this video. Find out more about Travis Audubon at:

Attwater's Prairie Chicken Decline, The Last Dance - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

The Last Dance Historically there used to be one million Attwater’s prairie-chickens throughout the coastal prairies of Texas and Louisiana, now less than one percent remain. We follow along as biologists deal with one of the toughest breeding seasons on record, as they struggle to save one of the most endangered birds in all of Texas. Find our more about the status of the Attwater's Prairie Chicken at:

Extinct Ivory Billed Woodpecker, Chasing a Ghost - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Chasing a Ghost In 2005 news of the extinct Ivory Billed Woodpecker being found in the woods of Arkansas electrified the birding community. Now a team is searching for the elusive Ivory Billed here in Texas. We followed the Texas team for six months as they explore the bird’s historic range, The Big Thicket National Preserve in East Texas. From using state of the art technology to good ole foot power, see what it takes to try and find a bird that hasn’t been seen in 60 years. Learn more about threatened and endangered species at:

Port Aransas Birding Boardwalk - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Back to the Boardwalk Hurricane Harvey wiped out one of the best birding boardwalks on the coast. It’s now back in business. Come enjoy the sights and sounds of this birding hot spot!

Chimney Swifts

The “flying cigar” silhouette of the Chimney Swift is a common sight all summer in Texas skies, but these protected birds need our help. See how one couple has dedicated their lives to saving the Chimney Swift at

Saving Chimney Swifts - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Swift Saviors From raising chicks to building nest boxes, meet a husband and wife team, that’s spent half their lives working to save the Chimney Swift. Georgean and Paul Kyle have made their Chaetura Canyon home a haven for these birds. Find out more at

Black-Capped Vireo Delisted - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

A Black-Capped Comeback Not very long ago, the black-capped vireo was considered on the verge of extinction. But thanks to changing attitudes and better conservation practices, this little bird’s population has soared back into healthy numbers and off the endangered species list.

A Green Jay Survey - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

A Green Jay Survey As the Rio Grande Valley becomes more urbanized, habitat for wildlife is dwindling. To find out how Green Jays are adapting to the changing environment, biologists are trapping, tagging and tracking these colorful birds.

Cool Quail Facts 2018

Texas has four species of quail. The most popular is the bobwhite quail known for its call. Its numbers have been in decline for the past 25 years but now folks are helping out.

Wetlands for Birds - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

West Texas Wetlands In the driest region of Texas, meet some ingenious landowners who created their own desert oasis’. From Presidio to Balmorhea, new man made wetlands are attracting not only birds but some excited birders. And if you head to one particular oasis you’ll see one of the rarest hummingbirds found in the United States.

Bald Eagle Fun Facts - Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Bald Eagles nest from July to October. Eaglets fledge 11-12 weeks after they hatch.

Postcard From Texas: Mockingbirds

Postcard From Texas The mockingbird is the state bird of Texas and can be found throughout most of the U.S. and Mexico. It can also mimic many other birds and some insect sounds.

The Bird Man of East Texas - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

The Bird Man of East Texas Ever wonder what that brilliantly blue bird is in your backyard or how to make hummingbird food? Just ask state ornithologist Cliff Shackelford on Red River Radio during his call in show, “Bird Calls.” The hour-long call-in show airs every month and reaches four states answering questions, giving tips and providing conservation methods about the avian species. Learn more about birding at

Island Erosion, A Shrinking Sundown

A Shrinking Sundown One of the most important rookery islands on the Texas coast is in trouble. Chester Island in Matagorda Bay is slowly shrinking, as the shoreline is eroding at an alarming rate. But now efforts are underway to save the island, and help the thousands of birds that nest there.

Postcard From Texas: Birds of Estero Llano Grande State Park

Postcard From Texas Estero Llano Grande State Park, part of the World Birding Center in the Rio Grande Valley, is home to many tropical bird species found nowhere else in the United States:

Coastal Birds and Birders

Coastal Birds and Birders The sounds of the waves, a breeze in your face, and the peeps of a scurrying shorebird, you are birding at the beach and you didn’t even know it. We visit a couple prime birding hot spots along the coast and we’ll let you know where they are.

Loggerhead Shrike Nests, Settled in at Old Settlers

Settled In at Old Settlers The Loggerhead Shrike is a songbird with a raptor’s habits. They skewer their meals on barbed wire or thorns for easy eating. Some Shrikes have also found a nice nesting place in a busy Round Rock, Texas park. Thanks to John Brush, Mira Furgoch and Mark Vance for sharing some shrike eating footage with us.

Great Texas Birding Classic 20th Anniversary - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

What’s been called America’s longest and wildest birding competition turns 20 this spring, and it’s not just for avian experts anymore. The Great Texas Birding Classic has moved from a week on the coast to a month statewide, and it’s added new categories so more people can take part. All this is generating record participation, and more entry fees to benefit bird habitat. Texas Parks and Wildlife has this report.The 20th annual Great Texas Birding Classic begins April 15 and continues through May 15 with chances to compete in numerous categories. Last year raised $25,000 in grant money through team registration and event sponsorship. That money was donated back to the bird habitat conservation and nature tourism projects in Texas with winning teams input. For more information go to

Modern Falconry | 1990 Throwback

Modern Falconry We’re looking back at Texas Parks & Wildlife television’s thirty years on the air. In 1990, Made in Texas looked at the ancient art of falconry and the modern day falconers and their connection with these birds of prey.

Stewards of the Future | 1989 Throwback

Stewards of the Future Originally known as Made in Texas, the Texas Parks & Wildlife television show has been on the air for 30 years. In 1989 we explored a unique riparian ecosystem on the registry of Natural Landmarks, the Engeling Wildlife Management Area in East Texas. Get a close-up look at wood ducks, beavers and other inhabitants of the rich and diverse bottom land hardwood community. Watch the Texas Parks & Wildlife television show, find out where to watch at

The State of Quail | Texas Parks & Wildlife

Texas has long been known for its robust quail populations, but habitat loss has impacted all four quail species in the state. Though their homes range from desert floodplain and brush land to prairie grasslands, these quail species need native habitat to thrive. Find out how researchers, non-profits, and landowners and managers are working together to keep quail numbers healthy statewide. Watch the Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS television show,

Birding in the Brushlands | Texas Parks & Wildlife

Harlingen high school students discover birding. These South Texas teens realize they have some amazing birds right in their own backyard. ––––– Producer / Photographer Abe Moore Additional Photography by Don Cash Alan Fisher Lee Smith Communications Director Josh Havens Executive Producer Bruce Biermann Technical Supervisor Kyle Banowsky Series Producer Don Cash Administrative Assistant Ramona Moore Affiliate Relations Susan Griswold Graphics Graphicon, Inc. Closed Captioning Cut-n-Crunch, LLC ––––– Watch the Texas Parks & Wildlife television show

Smith Oaks Rookery | Postcard

The Smith Oaks Rookery on High Island is chock full of birds. Watch the Texas Parks & Wildlife television show