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Chester's Island (The Birdman of Sundown Island) - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Chester Smith looked after the Audubon Society's Sundown Island bird sanctuary in Matagorda Bay for 25 years, helping bring back the brown pelican and attracting thousands of nesting birds. Chester passed away on June 26, 2011. This is his story.

Oyster Season Shutdown-Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

One of the longest outbreaks of Red Tide in Texas history may be letting up in some areas along the coast but not in time to save this season's $30-million dollar Texas oyster industry. The red tide blow comes after 2010's BP oil spill and 2008's Hurricane Ike destroyed 60 percent of the oysters in Galveston Bay. Now the ongoing drought is causing high salinity levels in Texas bays and disease in many shellfish. One shining light - oyster reef restoration efforts continue and unharvested oysters today will have a chance to filter out toxins and spawn in the spring. To learn more about oysters in Texas, see

Flounder Fishing, The Rise of the Forgotten Flounder-Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

The Rise of the Forgotten Flounder This is a story that looks at the Southern Flounder here in Texas. From fishing to gigging to stocking, all things flounder. Texas Parks and Wildlife has started raising Southern Flounder at their coastal hatcheries. This also takes a look at those efforts. Watch the Texas Parks & Wildlife television show.

Hooked on the Coast - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

The Texas coast is home to some of the finest sport fishing in the country. Follow along and see why anglers from all over are hooked on the coast.

Gardens of the Gulf - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

There's a 'flower garden' in the Gulf of Mexico, and it's 60 feet underwater. Learn what the Flower Gardens are, what research scientists are doing at these coral reefs, and why we should be concerned about the garden's health.

Barrier Island Ecosystem - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Secrets of a Barrier Island Take a trip across Matagorda Island, and learn all about barrier islands, their geology, ecology, and how they protect the Texas coast.

Lavaca Bay Cleanup - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

[cc] In the 1980s fishing in Lavaca Bay was all but closed when deadly levels of contamination were found in the surrounding waters. Today, over 20 years and $100,000,000 later, the clean-up is almost complete. Discover how government agencies and private industry set aside their differences for the good of the bay.

Galveston Oil Spill Wildlife Impacts - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Galveston Oil Spill Wildlife Impacts A look at the initial impacts to wildlife along the Texas coast in the days following the March 22, 2014 oil spill in the Houston Ship Channel. People wanting to volunteer to help with clean-up are asked to visit the Central Texas Coastal Area Committee website at

Sea Turtle Rescue - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

When the weather turns cold for long periods of time, biologists and game wardens prepare for freezing water temperatures to affect wildlife along the coast. In 2011, more than 800 green sea turtles were rescued during one of the longest cold spells in decades in South Texas. The good news is that the large number means that more of the federal and state protected turtles are making their home in Texas bays. Texas Parks and Wildlife has this report. If you see a cold-stunned turtle floating in the water or lying on the shore, it may appear dead but chances are it is not. Experts say you should cover it with a towel and report it to the Sea Turtle Stranding & Salvage Network at 361-949-8173, ext. 226 or page the Animal Rehabilitation Keep at 361-224-0814.

Postcard: Aransas National Wildlife Refuge - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Postcard From Texas See what animals wake up early at the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge.

Paddling at Galveston Island State Park - Tips from a Park Ranger

Ranger Lisa at Galveston Island State Park takes you on a paddling tour of the bay. The park offers 3 different paddling trails. You can bring your own canoe or kayak, or join one of the park's scheduled paddling tours. For more information, visit

Postcard From Texas: Paddling Port O'Connor

Postcard From Texas Paddling Port O’Connor on a slightly windy day. Thanks to Alan Raby of Dolphin Kayak & Water Sports for supplying us with the kayaks.

Caribbean Connection - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

It may not seem obvious, but there is a connection between the fish and coral life off the coast of Cancun, Mexico, and the coastal life along the shoreline of Texas. Follow scientists investigating the similarities between the ocean life of Texas and our neighbor to the south.

Scar on the Flats: Protect Seagrass Beds - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Seagrass and marsh are the lifeblood of our coastal fisheries. But many boaters - some knowingly, some not - are destroying these grasses with the propellers of their boats. Learn about the importance of seagrass beds and the proper operation of a boat when fishing in and around these seagrass beds. This segment can be seen on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Television Series on PBS. See what's on our program this week: ‪‬. For a list of stations and air times: ‪‬.

Galveston Bay Oyster Restoration- Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Restoration of oyster reefs damaged by Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Ike has begun in Galveston Bay. Tons of strategically placed river rock will serve as a foundation for oyster larvae to regenerate reefs. Using latest sonar technology biologists will monitor the progress of these specific sites and collect comprehensive new data on the entire bay. For more videos on water issues, visit

Shorebird Survival - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Shorebird Survival Texas shorebirds are in trouble. From the endangered piping plover to the threatened snowy plover, shorebirds in Texas continue to lose habitat as beach development booms. Follow along with some biologists as they work to save these struggling shorebirds.

Texas Above & Below: The Coast - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Above & Below: The Coast The second in a four part series that highlights The Lone Star State in a way we don't normally get to see ... from high above and down below. In this segment, we fly over the Gulf of Mexico and our coastlines, where you'll get a different view of the wildlife, the habitat, and man's impacts. From Show #2214.

Texas Above & Below: Beneath the Surface - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Above & Below: Beneath the Surface Our four part series concludes with footage of the Lone Star State in a way we don't normally get to see. Travel below the rim of Palo Duro Canyon, immerse yourself in a clear Texas river, and travel deep in the Gulf of Mexico, exploring our natural and artificial reefs.

Paddling Port O'Connor

Port O’Connor Paddling Trail If you love to paddle and you want to get away there is no better paddling trail than the one in Port O’Connor. From paddling the bays, to sliding through a saltwater marsh, this one of the best coastal paddling trails in the state. Get details on this and other Texas paddling trails at

Island Erosion, A Shrinking Sundown

A Shrinking Sundown One of the most important rookery islands on the Texas coast is in trouble. Chester Island in Matagorda Bay is slowly shrinking, as the shoreline is eroding at an alarming rate. But now efforts are underway to save the island, and help the thousands of birds that nest there.

Crabbing the Coast - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Crabbing the Coast Grab some chicken necks, and head for Sea Rim State Park. Here you can catch these tasty crustaceans right by the beach! Learn more about Sea Rim State Park at

Sounds of Sea Rim State Park - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Sounds of Sea Rim State Park At the far southeast corner of Texas lies a remote and unique coastal park that few folks know about. From coastal fishing, to crabbing, to kayaking the marshland, Sea Rim State Park has something for everyone. Learn more about Sea Rim State Park at

Sea Center Fish Stocking - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Sea Center Fish Stocking Sea Center Texas is the largest redfish hatchery in the world. Now biologists hope to replicate that success with spotted seatrout. Learn more about Sea Center Texas at

Lavaca Bay, the $130,000,000 Lesson - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Lavaca Bay, The $130,000,000 Lesson In the 1980’s, fishing in Lavaca Bay was all but closed when deadly levels of contamination were found in the surrounding waters. Today, the clean-up is complete. We’ll tell you how government agencies and private industry set aside their differences …all for the good of the bay.