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The State of Quail | Texas Parks & Wildlife

Texas has long been known for its robust quail populations, but habitat loss has impacted all four quail species in the state. Though their homes range from desert floodplain and brush land to prairie grasslands, these quail species need native habitat to thrive. Find out how researchers, non-profits, and landowners and managers are working together to keep quail numbers healthy statewide. Watch the Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS television show,

Birding in the Brushlands | Texas Parks & Wildlife

Harlingen high school students discover birding. These South Texas teens realize they have some amazing birds right in their own backyard. ––––– Producer / Photographer Abe Moore Additional Photography by Don Cash Alan Fisher Lee Smith Communications Director Josh Havens Executive Producer Bruce Biermann Technical Supervisor Kyle Banowsky Series Producer Don Cash Administrative Assistant Ramona Moore Affiliate Relations Susan Griswold Graphics Graphicon, Inc. Closed Captioning Cut-n-Crunch, LLC ––––– Watch the Texas Parks & Wildlife television show

Smith Oaks Rookery | Postcard

The Smith Oaks Rookery on High Island is chock full of birds. Watch the Texas Parks & Wildlife television show

Shorebird Survival - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Shorebird Survival Texas shorebirds are in trouble. From the endangered piping plover to the threatened snowy plover, shorebirds in Texas continue to lose habitat as beach development booms. Follow along with some biologists as they work to save these struggling shorebirds.

Eggsotic Collection - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

In the world of stamp collections, artifacts or all things old, there’s a place that surely has some of it all. Texas Parks and Wildlife has this report on a small East Texas town that values history and preservation as proof in its latest collection that is lets say, “eggsotic.” For more information on the Mt. Vernon Fire Station Museum which hosts both the bird egg display and the Don Meredith exhibit, visit the Franklin County Historical Association website or call 903-537-4760. Birding and wildlife trail maps information is on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website at

Postcard: Ducks in a Row - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Postcard From Texas It can be difficult to get all of your ducks in a row.  But at Hornsby Bend in Austin, sometimes they line up all by themselves.

Whooping Cranes, On the Right Track - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

On the Right Track Follow along as biologists track Whooping Cranes at the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. Using satellite GPS technology the team hopes to help protect this endangered species.

Ducks at Engeling: Winter Wonderland for Waterfowl - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

It's wintertime at The Gus Engeling Wildlife Management Area. From Mallards to Wood Ducks, this WMA is the perfect refuge for all kinds of ducks. Take a look at this flooded bottomland hardwood forest all the feathered friends that call it home. For more information on this wildlife management area check out

Postcard: Panhandle Turkeys - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Postcard From Texas Turkeys hanging around a field, from a ranch in Donley County, Texas just south of McLean. Put a decoy or two out, do some turkey calls and before you know it here they come. Turkeys are very smart but they still occasionally fall for a decoy.

Postcard: Lesser Prairie Chickens - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Postcard From Texas Lesser Prairie Chickens on the Lek. That's where they strut and dance and gobble to try and claim a mate. These birds are way up in the Texas Panhandle near Canadian.

Birding: A Man in Paradise - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

A Man in Paradise The Rio Grande Valley is a haven for birds and birders alike. For Father Tom Pincelli, this area is an earthly paradise. Follow along as Father Tom finds beauty and inspiration in some unusual birding spots.

Birding in a Natural Wasteland - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Natural Wasteland Birding hotspots are not always where you might expect them to be. See the sights, hear the sounds, and smell the smells of a "marginal nature" haven. What are we talking about? Places like the Hornsby Bend wastewater treatment plant in Austin, Texas.

Bird Beaks - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Wild Things: Bird Beaks From cracking seeds to spearing fish, birds possess an amazing variety of beaks adapted for some very unique tasks.

Managing the Purple Martins - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Meet some landlords, looking out for their tenants, at a high-rise condo complex. Those tenants are The Martins, and they aren't people--they're purple. For more information about purple martins, visit:

Flocking with Friends: The Great Texas Birding Classic - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

A classic competition from the coast is now statewide and open to all. How many different birds can be seen day, morning, or from just one spot? Meet some folks who decided to find out. Since the first Great Texas Birding Classic in 1997, $993,000 has been donated to on-the-ground habitat conservation projects in Texas. To learn more about the Great Texas Birding Classic, visit:

Nesting Bald Eagles 2004 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

When bald eagles built a nest in a tree right beside Highway 29 near Llano, drivers gawked and people came flocking to see them. As Texas Parks and Wildlife reports, it's rare to find bald eagles nesting this far west in Texas, but it shows how our national bird has made a comeback in recent decades. The pair of bald eagles are still returning each year and stick around until June. For more information, visit

Golden-cheeked Warbler Nest with Chicks - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Enjoy this rare view of an endangered Golden-cheeked Warbler nest, found only in Texas! Golden-cheeked warblers build nests, lay eggs and raise young in the spring. They nest exclusively in the closed-canopy oak juniper forest of Central Texas. One of the rare places left in the hill country for the birds to nest is the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve. Efforts to keep an eye on this population at the preserve are underway. For more info, visit:

Outdoor Activity of the Month: Birding - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

State parks offer some of the best bird watching during spring migration! Find out more at

The Thrashers - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

The largest bird watching tournament in the world is coming back this Spring and it's even bigger! For 16 years, the Great Texas Birding Classic was just a coastal competition but this year, it's gone statewide. Texas Parks and Wildlife takes us back to 1997 when a group of teenagers won their competition category the first year by looking at birds rather than picking up chicks. The Thrashers, now in their mid-30s, are still friends and avid birders. The 17th annual Great Texas Birding Classic kicks off April 15 with chances of competing in numerous categories throughout the month. Grant money raised through team registration and event sponsorship is donated back to the bird habitat conservation and nature tourism projects in Texas. Winning teams help select which projects are funded. Team registration deadline is April 1st. For more information go to

Pedernales Falls State Park Snowfall - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

A rare snowfall in the Texas Hill Country covers Pedernales Falls State Park, February 2010. For park information, visit

Swirling Swallows - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

A cloud of acrobatic birds surrounds a highway over the Trinity's a colony of cliff swallows. Beneath the bridge is a bustling bird city of mud nests, baby birds waiting inside, and busy bird parents bringing home the bacon. TPWD's Cullen Hanks explains how these cliff-dwellers have adapted to life along the roadside. To learn more about birds, visit:

Black-capped Vireo nests at Balcones Canyonlands - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Get an up close look at the endangered Black-capped Vireo. Texas Parks and Wildlife Television cameras got a rare glimpse of these birds as they cared for newly hatched chicks at Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge near Austin. More on Black-capped Vireos at

The Fighting Moorhens -Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Watch some pretty interesting behavior by some common moorhens as they scrap for territory. This video from Brazos Bend State Park shows a group of males as they fight to establish territory. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's resident ornithologist Cliff Shackelford gives us the play-by-play of this avian action. Be sure and watch the Texas Parks & Wildlife television show on the Texas PBS stations.

Birding Contest, Crazy About Birds - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Crazy About Birds-Meet the birding Brotherton's of Daingerfield, Texas. Birding is more than just a hobby for this family, it's a passion. Follow along as they look, listen, and laugh together at the Great Texas Birding Classic. Watch the Texas Parks & Wildlife television show on the Texas PBS stations.

The Last Dance: Saving the Attwater's Prairie Chicken - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

This is a look at recent efforts to save the Attwater's prairie-chicken, one of the most endangered birds in North America. We spend some time with biologists from The Attwater Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge as they work to save a bird that is on the brink of extinction.