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Stay up-to-date on operations adjustments and temporary closure of TPWD offices, state parks, recreation facilities and water access points due to COVID-19. Please follow guidance from local authorities, Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Department of State Health Services.

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Lone Star Law - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

For more than 100 years they’ve protected our natural resources, the fish and wildlife that we enjoy. They even help in disasters with water rescues and save human lives. But we don’t always see them in action …. until now. Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens have their own television series called Lone Star Law that begins airing June 2 on Animal Planet. State Game Wardens featured in the first season walked the red carpet in Austin at a sneak preview earlier this year. The show premieres June 2 on Animal Planet. Anyone can follow Lone Star Law at

Dogs Sniff Out Invasive Zebra Mussels - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

The battle to stop the spread of destructive zebra mussels has some new soldiers – canine ones. And they come armed with noses that can sniff out the culprits, tiny invasive mussels and their microscopic larvae that travel from lake to lake by hitching a ride on boats. Working Dogs for Conservation is a non-profit organization that is taking it's show on the road to inform people about the threat of zebra mussels. The demonstration aims to recruit boaters' help in stopping the spread by keeping their boats clean, drained, and dry. It is illegal to transport zebra mussels or to leave a public water body without draining all water. These statewide laws apply to all types or boats including sailboats, kayaks, canoes or any other vessel used on public waters. For more information on Zebra Mussels, including a video on how to clean, drain and dry your boat, go to

Great Texas Birding Classic 20th Anniversary - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

What’s been called America’s longest and wildest birding competition turns 20 this spring, and it’s not just for avian experts anymore. The Great Texas Birding Classic has moved from a week on the coast to a month statewide, and it’s added new categories so more people can take part. All this is generating record participation, and more entry fees to benefit bird habitat. Texas Parks and Wildlife has this report.The 20th annual Great Texas Birding Classic begins April 15 and continues through May 15 with chances to compete in numerous categories. Last year raised $25,000 in grant money through team registration and event sponsorship. That money was donated back to the bird habitat conservation and nature tourism projects in Texas with winning teams input. For more information go to

Texas Big Game Awards 25th Anniversary - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Hunting season is wrapping up but many hunters will relive their hunts at the annual Texas Big Game Awards. For 25 years, the program, sponsored by the Texas Wildlife Association and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, has recognized hunters and landowners for conserving wildlife and wildlife habitat on private lands. The program is especially memorable for first-time hunters. For more information, visit

Neighborhood Fishin' - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

This winter, Texas Parks and Wildlife will stock more than 300-thousand rainbow trout at more than 140 sites across the state. The program hopes to hook new anglers into the sport by making fishing more accessible at urban lakes, state parks and reservoir tailraces. Now there is a new lake in the program at East Metropolitan Park in Travis County. Kingfisher Lake will launch its first Neighborhood Fishin’ event December 12. For more information about upcoming rainbow trout stockings or the Texas Parks and Wildlife Neighborhood Fishin’ program, check the Internet at

Ayude A La Mariposa Monarca! - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Es una de las vistas más espectaculares de la naturaleza. Millones de mariposas monarca migran a través de Texas en su ruta a México para pasar el invierno. Pero la población monarca se ha desplomado, junto con las abejas y algunos otros polinizadores. Es una mala noticia para los agricultores, porque los insectos polinizan muchos de los alimentos que comemos. Lo bueno es que Texas está tomando medidas para salvar el insecto oficial del estado. El Departamento de Parques y Vida Silvestre de Texas tiene este informe. Ustedes pueden ayudar a las monarcas, y también a otros polinizadores, mediante la plantación de las especies nativas. Para aprender cómo crear hábitats para mariposas, visite el sitio web de Parques y Vida Silvestre de Texas.

Christmas on the Brazos - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Throughout December, state parks all over Texas are celebrating Christmas in special ways. Many historical parks allow visitors to step back in time and take part in holiday traditions of days gone by. Texas Parks and Wildlife takes us to a Christmas on the Brazos and a candlelight ceremony at Barrington Living History Farm at Washington on the Brazos State Historic Site. Christmas on the Brazos featuring Barrington’s Candlelight Christmas takes places Saturday, December 12 from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. For more information go to

Bastrop & Buescher State Parks Open - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Less than a month after wildfire engulfed Bastrop County and Buescher State Park, both state parks are open for business. The Hidden Pines Fire of 2015 was just an ember compared to the historic Bastrop County Complex Fire of 2011 but it did burn nearly 700 acres of park land. Texas Parks and Wildlife has this report.For more information on state parks, go to

McKinney Falls State Park Evacuated 10/30/15 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Record rainfall and flood waters strike McKinney Falls State Park forcing evacuations and closure. For updates check the Texas Parks and Wildlife website or Facebook page

Save the Monarch - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Every October millions of monarch butterflies migrate through Texas on their way to Mexico for the winter. But the monarch population has plummeted, along with bees and some other pollinators. That’s bad news for farmers since insects pollinate many of the foods we eat. The good news is Texas is taking action to save the Texas state insect. To find out how you can help monarchs, visit

Bastrop Buescher Hidden PInes Fire 2015 Video News Report - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

The five year recovery plan for Bastrop County after the historic Labor Day Fire in 2011, didn't include another wildfire. That fire burned 34,000 acres.So far this year's Hidden Pines Fire has burned more than 4,000 acres. Once again, Texas Parks and wildlife firefighters and other first responders are on the ground and in the air combating another blaze. To find out more about park closures and an update on the wildfires, check the Texas Parks and Wildlife website at

Bastrop Buescher Hidden Pines Fire 2015 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Wildfires in Bastrop County, Texas threatened Bastrop & Buescher State Parks. The fires started early in the afternoon Tuesday October 13th. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's Wildland Fire Team along with a number of other area firefighters battled the blazes throughout the night. At Buescher State Park firefighters set back fires to help contain the blaze. Firefighters expect the fire to burn for at least a few days.

Stop Zebra Mussel Spread - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

The 2015 flood waters brought lake levels around the state up and boaters back on the water. The downside is the threat of invasive zebra mussels spreading from lake to lake. Texas Parks and Wildlife is asking boaters to help stop the spread of these economically and environmentally damaging pests. The law requires boaters to clean, drain and dry their boats and water compartments that can carry microscopic larvae. Ray Roberts Lake State Park plans to open by the end of September. It is illegal to transport zebra mussels or to leave a public water body without draining all water. These statewide laws apply to all types or boats. It includes sailboats, kayaks, canoes or any other vessel used on public waters. For more information on Zebra Mussels, including a video on how to clean, drain and dry your boat, go to

Shooting Sports - Texas Parks and Wildlife Official

In High School, sports often get a lot of attention. But there is an up and coming sport that suits all students no matter gender, age, or physical ability. Shooting sports from archery to shotgun clay pigeons have shown to boost student confidence and for some can be quite lucrative.

Memorial Day Floods at State Parks - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Memorial Day floods swept through communities in Texas taking life and homes, but they also struck more than 50 state parks. As the rivers and creeks along many state parks recede, park employees are assessing the damage and are grateful that no one was injured. Texas Parks and Wildlife has this report. Visitors can also check the status of their park reservations by contacting the Texas State Parks customer service center at 512-389-8900 or by contacting the park directly.

Brazos Bend State Park Flooding May 2015 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Heavy rains in Texas have caused flooding at Brazos Bend State Park near Houston. Here's a view of the park and how flooding has affected the wildlife that lives there. For updates on Texas state parks, visit

Volunteer Vacation - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

April is National Volunteer Month and while some folks like a chance to get away from work and take it easy, one group of people who are already retired, well, they’d rather work on their vacation and for nothing more than to help out a state park. Texas Parks and Wildlife takes a look back at some of the first volunteers on their state park vacation. More than half a million hours of volunteer labor contributed to state parks in Texas in one year. That’s a contribution of over $6-million dollars in labor. Both the American Hiking Society and the Sierra Club sponsor “Volunteer Vacations” across the country. For more information on volunteering in a Texas State Park, visit or check the state park nearest you.

Mule Deer Relocation - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

In a multi-year effort to boost mule deer populations in parts of Far West Texas, biologists are capturing and relocating female deer, or does, to help replenish herds after the drought of the 1990s. Texas Parks and Wildlife has this report. For more information on mule deer or other big game wildlife, visit

Helicopter Crash Survival Training - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

What would you do in the largest swimming pool in the world? How about put a helicopter in it…while you are in it! That’s just what some Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens did at a recent survival training at NASA Space Center, near Houston. The Helicopter Underwater Egress Training or HUET is part of NASA’s training for astronauts as well as the Coast Guard and other personnel involved in work over water. Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens recently purchased a new helicopter and have a Search and Rescue team which can benefit from the training.

Mother Neff State Park Reopens - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

She’ll no longer have to worry about keeping “her” head above water. Mother Neff State Park, named after Governor Pat Neff’s mother, Isabella, recently reopened to the public after moving its headquarters to higher ground and adding a state of the art visitor’s center. Since 1937, the 400 - acre state park located along the Leon River suffered repeated floodings and closures. Now, one of Texas’ first state parks should stand for generations to come. Texas Parks and Wildlife has this report.For more information on Mother Neff or any state park in Texas, visit

Handcycling Across Texas - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

A Not-So-Easy Rider Travel through Texas with a young man making his way cross-country on a handcycle. Being a paraplegic hasn’t handicapped his effort to get out and enjoy a trip across America. Watch the Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS television show. Find out Where to Watch at

Bicicletas en los Parques Estatal - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Los parques de Texas tienen algunos de los mejores senderos para bicicletas en el estado. Desde caminos de piedra para familias ha los senderos de montaña para aventureros, ofrecen algo para todos los gustos. Vamos ha hechar un vistazo a los senderos del parque estatal del Lago Ray Roberts, cerca de Dallas.

Game Warden Helicopter - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

New Helicopter Strengthens Texas Game Wardens AUSTIN, Texas - December 22, 2014 — The Texas Game Warden’s unveiled its new Airbus AS350B3e helicopter that will enhance the department’s statewide law enforcement apparatus and assist with its search and rescue and disaster response efforts. The aircraft is outfitted with the latest law enforcement technology and emergency response equipment including a rescue hoist, thermal imager, searchlight, public address system, satellite communication and night vision. Funding for the new aircraft, which was approximately $5 million, was made possible through legislative appropriation during the 83rd Texas Legislative session. “This helicopter is going to be a tremendous asset and force multiplier for the Texas Game Wardens,” said Col. Craig Hunter, TPWD Law Enforcement Director. “We will not only be able to more efficiently move personnel and equipment across the state, but with the addition of the new hoist system, we will be able to better leverage our marine and ground assets to enhance our search and rescue capabilities during times of disaster.” Among the new aircrafts advantages are its ability to carry additional game wardens including its K9 teams during remote search and rescue missions or other specially trained personnel for specific assignments. In addition to the new helicopter, the department also has a fixed wing 2009 Turbo Cessna Model 206 aircraft.

Dia de Caminatas (First Day Hikes) - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Con el Ano Nuevo vienen las nuevas resoluciones y uno que está creciendo es el movimiento nacional de practicar una caminata el primer día del año. El año pasado más de quinientos senderistas caminaron seis mil millas en más que cincuenta y nueve parques estatales por todo Texas. El Departamento de Parques y Vida Silvestre tiene este reportaje sobre el senderismo.