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PBS Show - Park Arts, Boardwalk Birds, Pronghorn Puzzle, #2801

Program 2801, Air Dates October 13-19, 2019 & April 12-18, 2020 Park Arts, Boardwalk Birds, Pronghorn Puzzle Arts in the Parks The beauty of a natural place takes on fresh dimension and draws some different crowds when arts activities like sculpture, painting and photography, are paired with parks. Back to the Boardwalk Hurricane Harvey wiped out one of the best birding boardwalks on the coast. It’s now back in business. Come enjoy the sights and sounds of this birding hot spot! Skill Builders: Safe Muzzle Control Firearm safety requires you to know where the muzzle is pointed at all times.  Follow these basic safety rules for a safe, fun, enjoyable hunting trip. The Pronghorn Puzzle Something is amiss with pronghorn antelope populations on the Marfa Plateau, but a coalition of landowners, biologists, and concerned citizens is on the case. Find out what is being done to bolster dwindling pronghorn numbers while researchers investigate possible reasons for the sudden decline. Postcard From Texas Southeast of San Antonio is a restored prairie full of flowers. It’s on the Kirchoff Family Farm. Find out more about the Texas Parks & Wildlife television show at:

PBS SHOW Kraken Diving, Paddling Trails & Muzzle Control, #2726

Program 2726. Air dates April 7-13, 2019 & October 6-12, 2019 Kraken Diving, Paddling Trails & Muzzle Control Back to the Kraken In early 2017, Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Artificial Reef Program created a new underwater oasis for fish and fishermen with a 371-foot cargo ship called The Kraken. Just months after sending the Kraken to the floor of the Gulf of Mexico, biologists return to investigate one of the Texas Gulf Coast’s largest artificial reefs. Paddling Texas There are new paddling trails popping up all over Texas. Grab your canoe and come along as we check out some of the state’s best river trips, on the coast, in Houston, and on the Guadalupe River. All you need is a paddle and an excuse to get wet. Skill Builders: Safe Muzzle Control Firearm safety requires you to know where the muzzle is pointed at all times. Follow these basic safety rules for a safe, fun, enjoyable hunting trip. Lake Arrowhead State Park Close to the Red River in both location and hue, this North Texas park offers family fun and fine fishing. Postcard From Texas The South Texas brush is full of wildlife, if you just add water. See what's hanging around at the Laborcitas Creek Ranch. Find out more about the show at

PBS SHOW Chimney Swifts, Paddlefish Progress & Tree Stand Safety, #2725

Program 2725. Air dates March 31-April 6, 2019 & September 29-October 5, 2019 Chimney Swifts, Paddlefish Progress & Tree Stand Safety Swift Saviors From raising chicks to building nest boxes, meet a husband and wife team, that’s spent half their lives working to save the Chimney Swift. Progress for Paddlefish When paddlefish were stocked in Caddo Lake in 2014, it was truly an experiment. No one could be certain the fish would survive or stay put, but years later it seems they have done both. A new update on the progress of a very old fish.  Skill Builders: Tree Stand Safety Learn to prevent the number one cause of hunting injury: falls from tree stands. By following these simple tips, you can ensure your safety while hunting from above. Eisenhower State Park At Eisenhower State Park it’s all about the water. Campsites sit high on the bluffs overlooking Lake Texoma. Boaters flock to the park’s marina and ramps. Swimmers enjoy lake access by land and by boat. Even hikers eventually end up taking a cool dip in the refreshing waters that make this park special. Postcard From Texas Flying to Mexico each fall makes migrating monarchs hungry. See them fuel up at a Central Texas rest stop. Find out more about the show at

PBS SHOW Fort Parker, Aiming Safe & Moving Bees, #2724

Program 2724. Air dates March 24-30, 2019 & September 22-18, 2019 Fort Parker, Aiming Safe & Moving Bees Fort Parker State Park Located along the Navasota River where the grasses of the Blackland Prairie meet the woodlands of the Post Oak Savannah, Fort Parker State Park offers a tranquil setting for camping, hiking, biking and fishing. There is a lot of history here, too. Located on what was once the town of Springfield, the park was built by the men of the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930’s. Skill Builders: Safe Zone of Fire When hunting in a group, each hunter has a safe zone of fire. Find out how to determine where that safe zone is, and why it’s so important. Moving Bees Moving day can be tough. Especially if your family numbers in the thousands. Watch a bee specialist relocate a hive of European honey bees, giving them a safe new home where they can keep on buzzing. The Rise of the Forgotten Flounder One of the top three sport fish in Texas, more and more fishermen now set their sights on the southern flounder. In fact, it’s become so popular that fish hatcheries have started stocking flounder in Texas bays. We take a closer look at what it takes to catch these fish and how the species is holding up. Postcard From Texas A few bold bluebonnets pop up in early spring, followed by some friends. Find out more about the show at

PBS SHOW Blanco Restoration, Helicopter Heroes & a Mentored Hunt, #2722

Program 2722. Air dates March 10-16, 2019 & September 8-14, 2019 Blanco River Restoration, Helicopter Heroes & a Mentored Hunt Blanco River Restoration Massive floods in 2015 destroyed much of the natural habitat along the Blanco River. Texas Parks and Wildlife biologists have been working with landowners along the river to help re-establish trees and grasses, and by educating locals about the importance of managing healthy river ecosystems that are more resilient to the effects of flooding. Parks & Wildlife People: Helicopter Search & Rescue Team When Hurricane Harvey stranded coastal residents, the Texas Game Warden helicopter crew helped rescue hundreds from the flood waters. A Mentored Hunt Getting youth started in the heritage of hunting is great but what if you are an adult who’s interested in taking up the sport? Texas Parks and Wildlife now has “mentored hunts” to give grownups a taste of the outdoors from field to table. The Fighting Moorhens Common moorhens fight for their rights, and territory, at Brazos Bend State Park. It’s part dance, part boxing match. Flying the Franklins Take to the skies and fly with the birds at Franklin Mountains State Park. With the right wind and a perfect place to launch this state park is prime territory when it comes to Paragliding. Postcard From Texas Summer evenings are a magical time at the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge.

PBS SHOW City Camping, Water Safari, Caddo Rain #2721

Program 2721. Air dates March 3-9, 2019 & September 1-7, 2019 City Camping, Water Safari & Caddo Rain Weekday Camping Armed with a smartphone and a savvy for social media, one Austin urbanite’s outdoor experience might be a little different than his grandfather’s, but getting outside can still fit with a modern, urban lifestyle. Texas Water Safari, A Race to Remember The Texas Water Safari is the World’s Toughest Canoe Race, and 2015 was no exception. Historic flooding threatened to cancel the race, logjams made the San Marcos River extremely dangerous, but the race went on! We follow two teams to see if they can complete the 260 mile race from San Marcos to Seadrift. Postcard From Texas Relax on a rainy day at Caddo Lake.

PBS SHOW Hunting Dove, Hiking Dogs, Birding Hotspots, #2720

Program 2720. Air dates February 24-March 2, 2019 & August 25-31, 2019 Hunting Dove, Hiking Dogs & Birding Hotspots The Dove Hunter You don’t have to grow up in a family of hunters to enjoy hunting. Meet an Austin man who took up hunting and fishing as an adult, and is determined to pass along these traditions to his sons. Wild Game Cooking: Buffalo Dove Breasts It’s time for some wild game cooking with Chef Jeff Martinez. Jeff introduces us to a new twist on an old favorite, a dove recipe buffalo style. Bark in the Park Take a hike with dogs through Franklin Mountains State Park and learn tips for keeping your canine companion comfortable and safe on the trail. Natural Wasteland Birding hotspots are not always where you might expect them to be. See the sights, hear the sounds, and smell the smells of a “marginal” nature haven. Postcard From Texas Look up, in the sky, it’s many moons, passing by.

PBS SHOW Frog Pond, Bobcats, Mustang Island, #2719

Program 2719. Air dates February 17-23, 2019 & August 18-24, 2019 Frog Pond, Big City Cats & Mustang Island My Frog Pond When you spend most of your working day staring at computer screens, it’s nice to enjoy nature when you get off work. Show producer Don Cash has created a haven for frogs & other wildlife at his home in Austin. Bobcat City Our pets aren’t the only cats prowling around urban areas at night.  A study is shedding new light on how bobcats live among us, in the suburbs and edges of our cities, without conflict and almost completely without notice. Mustang Island State Park If you’re looking for the best place to camp right on the beach Mustang Island is the spot. With fishing, birding, and ocean fun just a few steps from your tent Mustang Island State Park is sure to cure that Island fever. Postcard From Texas Early morning at Gus Engeling Wildlife Management Area near Palestine, Texas.

PBS SHOW Coast Strong, Razing Cane & SeaCamp Scientists, #2718

Program 2718. Air dates February 10-16, 2019 & August 11-17, 2019 Coast Strong, Razing Cane & SeaCamp Scientists Parks & Wildlife People: Coastal Fisheries Crews When a hurricane destroyed their homes and work, coastal fisheries crews just picked up the pieces and kept on going. Razing Cane Texas Rivers and stream are under attack. The invasive Giant Reed threatens pretty much every river system in the state, but biologists are fighting back. We focus on the pristine Pedernales River and see what it takes to knock back this towering cane invader. Stephen F. Austin State Park Nestled on the banks of the Brazos River, Stephen F. Austin State Park provides the opportunity to get up close to nature. Located just 30 minutes from the outskirts of Houston, this quiet and peaceful park is a nice escape from the busy city life with activities including picnicking, camping, fishing, hiking and nature and historical tours. I Love a Mystery Kids at Texas A&M's SeaCamp solve mysteries using biology, chemistry, and physics. Their lab experiences are paralleled with the work done in the "real world" by TPWD's Forensics group in San Marcos. Postcard From Texas The Kemp’s Ridley, the most endangered sea turtle still persists, with a little help.

PBS SHOW Texas Walker, Wildlife’s Legal Eagle & Chester Island, #2717

Program 2717. Air dates February 3-9, 2019 & August 4-10, 2019 Texas Walker, Wildlife’s Legal Eagle & Chester Island A Walk Across Texas Dave Roberts didn’t know much about Texas, so he decided to crisscross it, from east to west, entirely on foot. Follow this walker of Texas ranges in his unfolding adventure as he explores the state’s park system one step at a time. Parks & Wildlife People: Robert Macdonald The required, legal process to protect our natural resources isn’t glamorous work, but Robert Macdonald makes it as fun as possible. A Shrinking Sundown One of the most important rookery islands on the Texas coast is in trouble. Chester Island in Matagorda Bay is slowly shrinking, as the shoreline is eroding at an alarming rate. But now efforts are underway to save the island and help the thousands of birds that nest there. Postcard From Texas Take a two-wheeled trip through the renewing Bastrop State Park.

PBS SHOW Black-Capped Comeback, Making Signs & a Fishing Warden, #2716

Program 2716. Air dates January 27- February 2, 2019 & July 28-August 3, 2019 Black-Capped Comeback, Making Signs & a Fishing Warden A Black-Capped Comeback Not very long ago, the black-capped vireo was considered on the verge of extinction. But thanks to changing attitudes and better conservation practices, this little bird’s population has soared back into healthy numbers and off the endangered species list. Signs of the Times At state parks, iconic brown and yellow signs have told you where to go for years.  And for decades they have all been made in the same shop at Bastrop State Park.  The process is not as hands-on as it once was, but the Bastrop sign shop is still humming. Parks & Wildlife People: Kathleen Stuman Helping those with disabilities catch their first fish is all in a day’s work for this Texas Game Warden. Back in Business The Dundee Fish Hatchery near Wichita Falls has been producing fish for stocking in lakes and reservoirs since 1927. Severe drought forced the hatchery to stop production on 2011. But with recent rains Dundee is back in business and the fish are flowing again. Biking Big Bend Ranch Carry extra water and pack some spare tubes. It’s worth the trouble to hit the trails of Texas’ mountain biking Mecca, Big Bend Ranch State Park. Postcard From Texas Riffles, rapids and waterfalls. Enjoy a fall morning on the Devils River.

PBS SHOW Wildlife Watchdogs, Lake Forkers, Good Guzzlers, #2715

Program 2715. Air dates January 20-26, 2019 & July 21-27, 2019 Wildlife Watchdogs, Lake Forkers & Good Guzzlers Watchdogs for Wildlife When there’s an oil spill along the coast or down a small county creek the fish and wildlife that live there are often hit the hardest. When it’s time to investigate meet the team of biologists who are called in to action. Fishing Hall of Fame: Lake Fork Sportsman’s Association Since 1999 the Lake Fork Sportsman’s Association has worked to protect and promote Lake Fork’s natural resources. By working with government agencies, community organizations and local school, the association has helped interested anglers improve the fishery as well as the community. Good Guzzlers Once upon a time, in a Wildlife Management Area far, far away, a group of dedicated conservationists put their skills to work, building special rainwater catchment systems, aka “guzzlers.” These magical guzzlers were designed to provide water for bighorn sheep, and any other animal looking for a drink in the desert.  Goliad State Park & Historic Site If you’ve been to Goliad State Park & Historic Site, you’re probably familiar with the rich cultural history of the site. What you might not have experienced are the outdoor activities at the park; like camping, nature hikes, biking, and paddling the nearby Goliad Paddling Trail. There’s a lot to do here no matter you primary interest. Postcard From Texas Take in a misty morning on the lake at Fort Parker State Park.

PBS SHOW Saving Sharks, Trail Family Ranch, Campus Camper, #2714

Program 2714. Air dates January 13-19, 2019 & July 14-20, 2019 Saving Sharks, Trail Family Ranch & Campus Camper Save Our Sharks Sharks are disappearing from the world's oceans at an alarming rate and biologists are worried. From shark finning to unregulated fishing these apex predators are in trouble. We take a look at what’s being done along the Texas coast to help save these wolves of the ocean. Lone Star Land Steward: Trail Ranch Recognizing that habitat degradation didn’t occur overnight, and neither does restoration, Justin and Tamara Trail have taken a step-by-step approach to managing their Shackelford County ranch. They have made strides in improving the land for wildlife, particularly bobwhite quail, turkey and deer through brush control, native plant restoration and other best management practices. From Campus to Camper While most park hosts are retired folks with lots of free time, Palo Duro Canyon’s youngest host has a very full schedule. By being a volunteer Lindsay Stroup found a way to save money on housing while attending college. Fishing for Habitat Texas Parks and Wildlife Inland Fisheries staff and the Still Waters Bass Club placed 150 Christmas trees into Stamford Reservoir near Abilene to enhance angling opportunities on the lake. Postcard from Texas Fall flowering plants host a lively party for a bounty of bees and butterflies.

PBS SHOW Oyster Shell Recycling, Bighorn Sheep, Looking for Bees, #2713

Program 2713. Air dates January 6-12, 2019 & July 7-13, 2019 Oyster Shell Recycling, Bighorn Sheep & Looking for Bees Back to the Bay A unique recycling program is underway, and it’s helping our bays. By returning old oyster shells up and down the coast, many Texas reefs are on the rebound. Lone Star Land Steward: Birdwell & Clark Ranch This ranch in Clay County has been involved in active cattle operations since the 1930s, but underwent major changes after Deborah Clark and Emry Birdwell took ownership 13 years ago. Using high intensity/low duration grazing, they are able to maximize beef production and improve quail and other wildlife habitat at the same time. The grazing management practices are closely tied to the wildlife resource management goals. Home Again Desert Bighorn Sheep used to roam freely in west Texas. By 1950 they had been wiped out by indiscriminate shooting and diseases spread by domestic sheep. During the 1960’s and 70’s TPWD began to restore the population of desert bighorns to west Texas. The program has been such a success and the population has grown to such numbers that in 2011 about 30 desert bighorns were released on public land at Big Bend Ranch State Park. For the first time since 1950 anyone willing to make a hike in the desert has the chance again of spotting one of these majestic animals in its natural environment. The Bee Searcher A North Texas researcher investigates the health of our most productive native pollinators, and how we might simply help them bee. Postcard From Texas Enjoy a popular East Texas Piney Woods getaway, from above the trees.

PBS SHOW Coastal Parkitecture, Bay Trawlers, Alum Creek Toads, #2712

Program 2712. Air dates December 30, 2018-January 5, 2019 & June 30-July 6, 2019 Coastal Parkitecture, Bay Trawlers & Alum Creek Toads The Gulf Coast DesignLab Goes to Galveston Coastal state parks need durable, versatile structures, and design students need projects.  See what the Gulf Coast DesignLab at the University of Texas at Austin is building in parks along the coast. Bay Trawlers Ride along on a trawl of Texas bays to collect data on the marine species that live there. You never know what the nets will pull up. Lone Star Land Steward: Alum Creek Wildlife Management Association The Alum Creek Wildlife Management Association’s original mandate was on the recovery of the federally endangered Houston toad in Bastrop County. After wildfire devastated the community, the organization broadened its focus slightly to help WMA members recover their homes, properties and toad habitat. Land management practices implemented on member properties in recent years have contributed to an increase in both quantity and quality of habitat for the Houston toad as well as other native wildlife species that occur in the Lost Pines area of Texas. Postcard From Texas Glide down the Navasota River at Fort Parker State Park.

PBS SHOW Fort Richardson, Urban Biology, Fishing School, #2711

Program 2711. Air dates December 23-29, 2018 & June 23-29, 2019 Fort Richardson, Urban Biology & Fishing School Fort Richardson State Park & Historic Site History is the highlight at Fort Richardson, where buildings of this North Texas frontier fort continue to loom large. But even if today’s travelers aren’t settling the West, many still come to pitch tents and blaze trails. Parks & Wildlife People: Richard Heilbrun Richard Heilbrun reaches a wide and diverse audience as an urban biologist. School of Fish The whistle blows, and the championship battle is underway. We’re not talking about Texas high school football, it’s the finals for high school fishing. The hottest sport to hit the south these days isn’t on the field, it’s in the water. Check out a profile on high school fishing. Educating the Educators Children growing up in increasingly urban areas need to understand to role that wildlife plays in our world, but not all teachers know enough to teach it. ProjectWILD is empowering teachers with the lessons and activities they need to educate the next generation of wildlife stewards. Postcard From Texas Bees in bushes.

PBS SHOW Goliad Paddling, Protecting Deer, Conservation Art, #2710

Program 2710. Air dates December 16-22, 2018 & June 16-22, 2019 Goliad Paddling, Protecting Deer & Conservation Art Goliad Paddling Trail Goliad State Park & Historic Site is known for its connection to history. It also has a connection to the San Antonio River as part of the Goliad Paddling Trail. Take a leisurely float down this meandering river. Parks & Wildlife People: Ryan Schoeneberg Protecting Texas’ deer population is Ryan Schoeneberg’s job and his passion. The Art of Conservation Through the vanishing art of lithography, a Fort Worth artist captures a conserved habitat and its wildlife in living color, while proceeds from his prints help save wild places, like pristine Powderhorn Ranch. Rebuilding the Forest Hurricanes have taken a heavy toll on several East Texas state parks. We’ll visit Martin Dies, Jr. and Village Creek State Parks to see how they are coming back from the loss of native trees. Postcard From Texas Early canyon dwellers left clues to their lives on the stone walls of Seminole Canyon.

PBS SHOW Kangaroo Rats, Outdoor Writer, Saving Bats, #2709

Program 2709. Air dates December 9-15, 2018 & June 9-15, 2019 Kangaroo Rats, an Outdoor Writer & Saving Bats Hop for the Future, Keeping the Texas Kangaroo Rat on the Map The range of a unique hopping rodent has dwindled to just a few areas near the Red River. Researchers are in a race to learn more about it before it disappears into the night. Parks & Wildlife People: Ronald Day, Jr. Not even a hurricane can stop Ron Day from keeping the Texas Parks & Wildlife phone and computer systems from working. Fishing Hall of Fame: Shannon Tompkins Meet Shannon Tompkins, outdoor writer, expert angler, and now a Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame member. Shannon is being honored for his long career covering the outdoor life in Texas, and for his passion for the environment. Watching for White Nose A deadly fungal disease killing millions of hibernating bats is spreading through North America, with Texas in its path. Learn what biologists and conservationists are doing to prevent the deadly White Nose Syndrome from affecting Texas bats. Postcard From Texas Start a Gulf of Mexico day the Galveston way, with a soothing sunrise scene from the seawall.

PBS SHOW Blue Suckers, Buffalo Soldiers, Lake Wichita, #2708

Program 2708. Air dates December 2-8, 2018 & June 2-8, 2019 Blue Suckers, Buffalo Soldiers & Lake Wichita In Search of the Blue Sucker Biologists on the Colorado River are searching for a rare fish. It’s called a Blue Sucker, and not much is known about this Texas native. We follow along as a research team searches rapids and riffles on the Colorado, hoping to find, and learn more about this elusive fish. Buffalo Soldiers: Making the Connections When an aspiring nature photographer joins a group of Buffalo Soldier re-enactors, he discovers history's ultimate outdoorsmen. Port O’Connor Paddling Trail If you love to paddle and you want to get away there is no better paddling trail than the one in Port O’Connor. From paddling the bays, to sliding through a saltwater marsh, this one of the best coastal paddling trails in the state. Parks & Wildlife People: Tom Lang Meet the courageous visionary and driving force behind the Lake Wichita Revitalization Project. Postcard From Texas Winter winds blow and fall leaves fall as the seasons change.

PBS SHOW Reading Green, Oyster Industry, Quality Water, #2707

Program 2707. Air dates November 25-December 1, 2018 & May 26-June 1, 2019 Reading Green, Oyster Industry & Quality Water Growing Green Building materials, natural lighting, and solar panels make Austin’s new central library a very green building.  But the library’s greenest feature may be up on top.  The rooftop garden, landscaped with native plants, is a rest stop for library patrons and urban pollinators alike. The Grind Over the past decade, Texas oysters have endured everything from hurricanes to floods to drought. And that’s got Oystermen feeling the pinch of less profits. Now work is underway to help strengthen Texas bays and the oyster industry. Lone Star Land Steward: Couch Mountain Nelson Roach embodies the tenets of land stewardship through his holistic approach to managing this Camp County property near Daingerfield. Through creek-side improvements, Roach is improving instream flows and the quality of water flowing from his property into Lake O’ The Pines Reservoir. He has worked tirelessly to establish quality habitat for wildlife, particularly toward reintroduction of Eastern wild turkey. Trailriding Tyler Grab your bike and enjoy some of the best mountain biking East Texas has to offer. We hit the hills and tackle the miles of single track trails at Tyler State Park. Old Tunnel State Park Abandoned by train traffic long ago, a century-old tunnel near Fredericksburg has become a seasonal home for millions of bats. Now this small state park provides a grand wildlife viewing opportunity on summer evenings. Postcard From Texas Enjoy an early morning on the Chihuahuan desert grasslands.

PBS SHOW - Turkey Work, Turkey Calls, Turkey Talk, #2706

Program 2706. Air dates November 18-24, 2018 & May 19-25, 2019 Turkey Work, Turkey Calls & Turkey Talk Turkey Work On a ranch in South Texas, biologists are tapping the latest technology, and fitting turkey with tiny backpacks, to learn where the turkey lurk. With this data, scientists are gaining a better understanding of the habitat needs and preferences of Rio Grande turkey populations. See how these findings may benefit turkey and all who enjoy them. Turkey Calls Calling turkeys is an art. Here’s some tips on painting just the right sound. Playing the Turkey Game Hunting turkey in Texas can be like a game of chess; it’s all about making the right moves. Follow along as a group of hunters gets out-smarted by these elusive gobblers again and again. Talking Turkeys Meet the wild Texas turkey as it gobbles, struts and tantalizes turkey fans. Learn where turkeys live in Texas and how to "talk" turkey. Gobblers Go East Decades of restocking the Eastern Wild Turkey has proven successful for some East Texas counties, but many areas still aren’t seeing birds. A new research study will focus on some recently transplanted birds outfitted with GPS transmitters to find out what turkeys think is a good home. Postcard From Texas If you haven’t seen enough turkeys by now, here’s some more.

PBS SHOW - Natural Connection, Room to Roam, Pocket Prairies, #2705

Program 2705. Air dates November 11-17, 2018 & May 12-18, 2019 Natural Connection, Room to Roam & Pocket Prairies A Natural Connection From the brush country of South Texas to the mountains of West Texas, two women have outdoor pursuits as different as the landscapes. These two mothers, one a hunter, and the other a hiker, meet and share their interests, growing a friendship and deepening their appreciation of the outdoors. Lone Star Land Steward: Billingsley Ranch The ultimate resource management goal of this ranch in far West Texas is to promote, restore, and maintain native natural resources and provide ample habitat for native wildlife species. Ranch operator Stuart Sasser has been a proponent of pronghorn restoration efforts, and through fencing modifications has effectively defragmented the prairie system on the property for the benefit of antelope. Urban Pocket Prairies Urbanization has reduced the once 600,000 acre Katy Prairie near Houston, Texas to just 200,000 acres affecting many species of wildlife. Now the Katy Prairie Conservancy has partnered with nearly a dozen schools to create pocket prairies. These small urban prairies are helping wildlife as well as children to become healthier, happier and smarter. Postcard From Texas The Mission Reach Paddling Trail is a great place to get outside and get some exercise very near to downtown San Antonio. You can float on the San Antonio River, ride a bike along the paved trails, or just watch for some wildlife.

PBS SHOW - Spicewood Ranch, ADA Hunt Help, East Texas Woods, #2704

Program 2704. Air dates November 4-10, 2018 & May 5-11, 2019 Spicewood Ranch, ADA Hunt Help & East Texas Woods Lone Star Land Steward: Spicewood Ranch By acquiring land, resting it from grazing, and reducing deer numbers, the Harte family began to restore their Hill Country ranch. Through years of prescribed burns, native plant seeding efforts, and patience, their Spicewood Ranch is now a living library of plant diversity. A Place for All Most hunting blinds are not designed for people with disabilities. Inks Lake State Park northwest of Austin has tackled that problem by building special hunting blinds that are accessible for people with physical limitations. The Climate Detective What can old Texas trees teach us about our climate? One researcher is finding out. Follow him as he taps the secrets of the trees and learns the warnings they may hold for water planners. Lizards on the Move For generations, Texans grew up seeing Texas Horned Lizards throughout much of the state. Today the threatened lizards are common only in certain spots, but research at the Muse Wildlife Management Area is investigating how lizards fare and where they go when they are relocated to restored habitat. Postcard From Texas Enjoy a few moments of natural sights and sounds in the East Texas woods.

PBS SHOW - Huntsville State Park, Laqborcitis Creek, Galveston Island, #2703

Program 2703. Air dates October 28-November 3, 2018 & April 28-May 4, 2019 Huntsville State Park, Laborcitas Creek & Galveston Island Huntsville State Park Huntsville State Park opens a door to 2000 acres of outdoor adventure. You can camp, mountain bike, and of course fish the day away on Lake Raven. Your East Texas Pineywoods adventure awaits. Lone Star Land Steward: Laborcitas Creek Ranch In 1990, current owners Berdon and Rolanette Lawrence began their loving relationship with this landscape, named the Laborcitas Creek Ranch. The ranch includes 16,000 acres of mostly classic brush country but also 40 acres of valuable wetlands. Bucking the trends of fragmentation and non-native invasive grasses, the Laborcitas Creek Ranch is adding acreage and diligently restoring native habitat to benefit diverse wildlife, from game animals to waterfowl and more. Mobile Storytellers The ancient art of storytelling gets a new twist when a group of students attempt to tell the story of Garner State Park using nothing but their phones. Copperhead Country A slithery copperhead sliding around your backyard is just about the last thing you would want to run into. Well imagine hundreds of them coming out, as you have a copperhead honey hole of sorts. That’s exactly what’s happening to one Texas landowner. He used to eliminate them, now he saves the snakes for science. Postcard From Texas Take it slow on the beach at Galveston Island.