Texas Game Wardens

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K-9 Wardens, A Nose for the Job - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

K-9 Wardens, A Nose for the Job Game Wardens do a lot of varied tasks with a wide variety of tools. One of their tools has a fuzzy face and four legs. Meet the Texas Game Warden K-9’s. Searching for hidden game, weapons, missing people, or playing with a tennis ball, it’s all in day’s work for these canine commissioned Texas Game Wardens.  Help support the K-9s at

Ride along on Texas Game Warden flood rescue helicopter

Ride along with Texas Game Wardens on their search and rescue operations during the 2015 Halloween Floods in central Texas. For more information about Texas Game Wardens, visit

360 video: Texas Game Warden search-and-rescue helicopter hoist training

Get a 360-degree view of what it's like to do a helicopter rescue. Texas Game Wardens were training on search-and-rescue operations in preparation for flooding and other natural disasters. To learn more about Texas Game Wardens, visit

New Search and Rescue Drone - Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Texas game wardens are adding a new set of eyes in the sky with a new Search and Rescue Drone or Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). Watch this simulated rescue of some lost children.

Compassion in Uniform: Critical Incident Response Team - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Referred to as the peer support team, the Texas Game Warden Critical Incident Response Team gives support to law enforcement officers, first responders and others in need of emotional support. The team provides "crisis first aid" to those in need from officers trained to provide counseling and support.

Little League Champ Wants to be a Game Warden - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

You'd think a Little League champ would want to become a baseball pro but Wyatt Willis dreams of becoming a Texas game warden. Game warden info. at

Texas Game Wardens Respond to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit the Gulf Coast region in 2005, Texas Game Wardens were among the first rescuers on the scene. In New Orleans the wardens maneuvered their boats among submerged skyscrapers and subdivisions to rescue nearly 5,000 people from the lingering floodwaters. Less than a month later, game wardens fanned out across East Texas to aid in the disaster relief in the wake of Hurricane Rita. To learn more about Texas Game Wardens, visit

Hurricane Harvey Hits and Texas Responds

Hurricane Harvey devastated the Texas coast on August 26, 2017. Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens and State Park Police Officers mobilized for search-and-rescue operations while Texas State Parks waived entrance fees for evacuees, hosting more than 3,000 evacuees within 24 hours. To see a list of state parks with space for evacuees, visit

Fishing with the Law: Kathleen Stuman - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Helping those with disabilities catch their first fish is all in a day’s work for this Texas Game Warden. To learn more about Texas Game Wardens, visit

Game Warden Shawn Hervey Profile - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Game Warden Shawn Hervey Profile Each year, Game Warden Shawn Hervey takes kids hunting. Kids from Texarkana, from a nearby orphanage, even a teenager fighting cancer. Throughout his career as a Game Warden, he’s introduced thousands of children to the outdoors. Some of these kids have never seen a deer. All of them will have an opportunity to experience stewardship, many for the first time in their young lives. Find out more about Texas Game Wardens at: