Prior to purchase, sale, trade or transport outside Texas, bobcat pelts (see definition of bobcat) taken in Texas (including tanned pelts and mounts) must be permanently tagged with a department issued federal Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) tag valid for the year in which the bobcat was taken. Legally taken pelts may be tagged at no cost by any registered bobcat pelt dealer or at TPWD Law Enforcement offices. Individuals desiring to purchase and/or tag bobcat pelts taken in Texas must register with the Wildlife Permits Office (4200 Smith School Road, Austin, Texas 78744) and be issued a Bobcat Pelt Dealer Permit and Tag Voucher. It is unlawful for any dealer to: (1) possess untagged pelts; (2) transfer tags to any other dealer, or to use tags issued to another dealer; (3) refuse to tag a bobcat pelt presented as being legally taken in this state. This is not construed to mean the person must sell to the dealer from whom the tag is obtained.

Persons desiring to transfer bobcat pelts out of Texas for non-commercial purposes may obtain a tag by presenting the pelt to any dealer or Department Law Enforcement Office and completing and signing an Annual Bobcat Pelt Tag Report.

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