Valid September 1, 2008 until amended.

To voluntarily report mountain lion harvest, call (512) 389-8047.

No person may take a fur-bearing animal on privately-owned land or body of water without the consent of the owner of the land or water or his agent. Taking of fur-bearing animals on statutory wildlife sanctuaries, public roads and highways or their rights-of-way is prohibited.

All otters taken in Texas, except nuisance otters, shall be permanently tagged with a department issued federal Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) tag valid for the year in which the otter was taken within 90 days of take. All otter pelts imported into Texas must be accompanied by evidence of lawful take or possession.

Persons violating laws involving fish and wildlife may be fined, charged restitution cost of illegally possessed fish and wildlife, and be subject to license suspension or revocation. Subsequent violations may result in jail terms.

Each fur-bearing animal taken or possessed in violation of these general laws is a separate offense. The Texas Department of Health and local public health agencies may take and possess, for analysis and disposal, any fur-bearing animal posing a potential or known health hazard. Anyone may transport a suspected diseased fur-bearing animal to a public health facility for diagnosis.


Contact Information:

For other information concerning hunting and fishing regulations, parks, wildlife or other subjects related to TPWD, call our toll-free number: (800) 792-1112 during regular business hours.

At any time of the day, a person may call toll-free (800) 792-GAME(4263) to report a violation of the state's game and fish laws. A reward may be offered to eligible callers who provide information which leads to a conviction.