Importation of fur-bearing animals or their pelts into Texas from another state or country requires proof of legal take, purchase or possession. Importation from another country is prohibited without first completing the import documentation required by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and U.S. Customs Service.

No person may import live fur-bearing animals taken from the wild into Texas from another state or country without a permit. An importation permit will only be issued to licensed fur propagators. Written authorization shall be obtained from the department prior to sale or export of live fur-bearing animals to persons outside of Texas. Applicants shall provide written verification that recipients of live fur-bearing animals have complied with applicable regulations in the destination state. A copy of the import permit or export authorization must accompany any live fur-bearing animal being imported or exported.

Each shipment must be accompanied by a health certificate signed by a veterinarian accredited in the state of origin and if the imported animals are foxes, raccoons or skunks, a signed letter of authorization issued by the Texas Department of Health.

Imported live fur-bearing animals and live fur-bearing animals previously held in captivity may not be released into the wild in this state.

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