Required to take fur-bearing animals or their pelts during the recreational season. A person taking fur-bearers with a trapper's license is not required to possess a hunting license.
Required to take fur-bearing animals or their pelts during the commercial harvest season for the purpose of sale. This license also allows a person to take fur-bearing animals. Resident $19.00 Non-resident $315.00
Required of persons purchasing fur-bearing animals or pelts of fur-bearing animals from trappers, retail fur buyers, fur-bearing animal propagators or another wholesale fur dealer. Resident $189.00 Non-resident $263.00
Entitles a person to take or possess a living fur-bearing animal and hold it for the purpose of propagation or sale. Facility inspection required prior to initial licensing. $90.00
Persons 17 years of age or older while hunting, fishing or trapping MUST have on their person a driver's license or personal identification certificate.

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At any time of the day, a person may call toll-free (800) 792-GAME(4263) to report a violation of the state's game and fish laws. A reward may be offered to eligible callers who provide information which leads to a conviction.