Kimble County Check Station

map of Kimble County CWD Zone

Kimble County CWD Zone Description

That portion of the state lying within the boundaries of a line beginning on U.S. 83 at the Kerr/Kimble County line; thence north along U.S. 83 to I.H. 10; thence northwest along on I.H. 10 to F.M. 2169; thence east along F.M. 2169 to County Road (C.R.) 410; thence east along C.R. 410 to C.R. 412; thence south along C.R. 412 to C.R. 470; thence east along C.R. 470 to C.R. 420; thence south along C.R. 420 to F.M. 479; thence east along F.M. 479 to C.R. 443; thence south along C.R. 443 to U.S. 290; thence west along U.S. 290 to I.H. 10; thence southeast along I.H. 10 to the Kerr/Kimble County line; thence west along the Kerr/Kimble County line to U.S. 83.