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Archeologists Uncover the Past at Palo Duro|January-February 2020| TPW magazine

That’s what I’d heard about Ona B. … I note that she has many hobbies, and Ona B. laughs. “Yes, I do. … Ona B. Reed, 94, takes a break from working in the archeology lab. … During World War II, Ona B. built airplanes, a real-life “Rosie the Riveter.” … In the past, Ona B. says her favorite assignment was survey; I understand what she’d loved about it. …

August 24, 2011, Commission Meeting Transcripts – Annual Public Hearing

Ona Trubee, and Darlena Cobb. MS. TRUBEE: Good afternoon. I’m Ona Trubee. … Gail Conway, and next up Ona Trubee. MR. CONWAY: I’m Gail Conway. … 1100 Hwy. 3381, Comanche, TX 76442, 325-356-3355 Parrie Haynes SP and equestrian access to state parks Ona