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May 27, 2010, Commission Meeting Transcripts – Commission Meeting

I worked with ‑‑ I've been on the TDA Board and I've been on the DBC Board. … DBC has over 500 members in 18 states with over 80 percent of our member base located in the state of … 3613 Williams Drive, Suite 601, in Georgetown, and I will hereinafter reference our organization as DBC … review of the proposed change to deny the permit issuance and/or renewals for Lacey Act violations the DBC

May 26, 2016, Commission Meeting Transcripts – Commission

Are you on the DBC side? Are you on the TDA side? Are you on the EWA side?" … And I feel that the best proposal was the May 6th unified with EWA, TDA, DBC, and NADFA. … Similarly, DBC and EWA, as well as TWA, need to send authorized representatives to this meeting. … group, industry on May the 6th gave a proposal that was accepted by all major associations — EWA, TDA, DBC … I'm on the board of TDA, and I'm also a member of the DBC because I believe in the industry and everything …

November 5, 2015, Commission Meeting Transcripts – Commission

The DBC believes many deer were wasted through the retroactive 4.5 percent testing of animals that were … with me because I do appreciate how they've reached out to me and I've reached out to them and the DBC

August 25, 2021, Commission Meeting Transcripts – Public Hearing

TDA, DBC, and EWA proactively reached out to Parks' staff with a matrix detailing additional surveillance … However, after having been a member of the T -- TDA since it was formed and after being a member of the DBC

Purchase of Computers, Equipment or Software - Current POs and No-Bid Contracts Reports - Bids and Vendor Opportunities

Purchase Order 0000002672 GTS TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS INC 37.02 CM-Mouse/DVI Cable for DBC D D Purchases … Purchase Order 0000000979 SHI GOVERNMENT SOLUTIONS INC 165.5 CM-HP Toner Cartridges-DBC I I Purchases …

May 25, 2016, Commission Meeting Transcripts – Work Session

asked for that offer to be put in writing, which it was and supported by other organizations such as DBC