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News Release: May 4, 2010: Toyota ShareLunker Season 24 Raises Bar

News & Media News Releases Toyota ShareLunker Season 24 Raises Bar May 4, 2010 Larry Hodge, 903-676-2277 …

Stocking Report for T-Bar Park Pond

Stocking History for T-Bar Park Pond Return to main search page | Major lakes search | Small lakes search …

News Release: May 23, 2005: Two New State Records Raise Bar for Junior Anglers

News & Media News Releases Two New State Records Raise Bar for Junior Anglers May 23, 2005 Steve Lightfoot … score on two of the state’s most popular game fish species –largemouth bass and spotted seatrout – the bar

Teddy Roosevelt’s Texas | October 2009 | TPW magazine

It seems that this bar is a good place to find what adventurers seek. … He wipes the bar with a white rag and looks up to return my salutation. … It takes no time exploring the lower level of the bar, as it isn’t all that big. … A sign hangs overhead announcing a doorway to history that every Texan should visit — Menger Bar. … Walking inside, the bar — which is still in operation and greets visitors daily as a part of the palatial …

Kiteboarding| June 2022 | TPW magazine

You turn the bar left and the kite goes left. You turn the bar right and it goes right. … Lance gently tilts the bar to launch his kite. … I sheet in (pull the bar) to gauge the wind power. … He gives the bar a tug and his feet levitate off the ground. … You yank the bar, and the kite will pull you into the sky — fast. …

Nature Tourism -- Private Business Organizations

Private Business Organizations Texas Coast and South Texas B-Bar-B Ranch Inn, Kingsville, Texas – http … :// Brown Pelican Inn | South Padre Island B&B – Texas Bird … Sanctuary, Wolf Valley Ranch, Cherokee, Texas – X Bar

Skill Builder: Get Ready for Spring Fishing With a Gear Check|January/February 2012| TPW magazine

The main problem with spinning reels is the release bail bar. … The bail spring won’t have the force to swing the bar back over to re-engage the line after casting. … Disassembling the bar — usually two screws and a spring — and cleaning it with brush and water and adding … When the swivel points and line roller at the end of the bar are exposed to the elements, they will eventually …

News Release: Nov. 7, 2017: Fugitive Involved in Shootout with Texas Game Warden Captured

Ortiz allegedly entered a local bar in Haskell shortly after midnight Sunday, brandished a handgun and … into custody a suspect involved in a firefight with law enforcement following a shooting incident at a bar

West Texas Rest Stops|November 2020| TPW magazine

X Bar prides itself on its dark-sky efforts for good reason. … As the applause dies on the final song, we head back to the X Bar. … Sitting on several thousand acres, the X Bar is a century-old working ranch and nature retreat. … We’re staying at the X Bar Ranch, midway between Ozona and Sonora and about 13 miles north of the highway … , limited hours or new procedures before visiting. sonora Ozona x bar

3 Days in the Field: Treasure Hunt in Mason|October 2015| TPW magazine

Bar M owner Mark Hahn is one of three landowners who offer public hunts for a fee. … (FYI: Bar M offers topaz hunting from Feb. 1 to Oct. 2. Rates run $15 per person per day. … A gem hunter searches for topaz at the Bar M Ranch near Mason. “They’re hard to find,” he warns. … Bluebonnet seedlings and a few prickly pear cacti poke up from a granite sandbar that we’re crossing on the Bar … After an hour of searching, we decide to drive to a different pasture on the Bar M’s southeast side. …