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Food as Fuel

Short Reports - Bass, Bucks and Brahmas

Like a ranch, you can’t have as many fish in 200 acres [of water] as in 5,000.” … well as livestock and wildlife. … As soon as it refilled enough to meet our stocking criteria, we stocked it with catfish, crappie, bass … “For example, we’ve stocked a lot of forage fish like bluegills and gizzard shad as well as 9-inch channel … well as Lake Amistad have tremendous numbers of young fish.] …

A Gift as Big as Texas | TPW magazine | December 2004

A Gift as Big as Texas Buy a year of outdoor fun - at a bargain price. By Charles J. …

Hunters as Conservationists — Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

Hunters as Conservationists In the late 1800s and early 1900s, wildlife was in trouble. … The demand for wildlife products such as furs, game meat and feathers was at an all-time high. … Early leaders in conservation, such as Theodore Roosevelt and Aldo Leopold, were hunters. … Through organizations such as Whitetails Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, … legislation that supports conservation: Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act (1937) - also known as

Black Cherry Is Sweet As Pie|March 2021 | TPW magazine

Its wood is used commercially for furniture and tool handles as well as for professional and scientific … Home Flora Fact Sweet as pie The Hill Country’s escarpment black cherry tree offers year-round beauty … There’s a local Champion Big Trees tour to drive and walk to see other champion trees as well. …

Passport to Texas » Blog Archive » A Mother’s Day as Big as the Outdoors

« TPW TV- Don’s Frog Pond Government Canyon: The Nearby Wilderness » A Mother’s Day as Big as the Outdoors … A Mother's Day as Big as the Outdoors Play Now | Play in Popup | Download This is Passport to Texas A …

Short Reports - TFFC - An East Texas Treasure

An excellent example of public/private partnership, the trail attracted such sponsors as TU Electric, … They aren’t real—the full-body decoys play an important role as the wetlands trail assumes its other … Parker has certified thousands of students and conducted dozens of instructor courses in his role as … Jim Parker was recognized in 2001 by the International Hunter Education Association and Winchester as … He and his late wife, Velma, were honored as Lone Star Legends by TPWD in 2000, and Parker was inducted …

News Release: May 25, 2023: Game Warden Daron Blackerby Recognized as Texas Wildlife Officer of the Year

Blackerby has worked as a game warden for more than 15 years and is known as a skilled game warden, mentor … part of his responsibility as a game warden, conservationist and steward of Texas. … News & Media News Releases Game Warden Daron Blackerby Recognized as Texas Wildlife Officer of the Year … — On May 25, Game Warden Daron Blackerby was recognized by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission as … youths, drive to another district to attend a kid fish event and volunteer at youth hunts to serve as

Artificial Reef Program

Since artificial reefs become such hotbeds of wildlife, divers and anglers benefit as well. … The Artificial Reef Program ( PDF , 3.2MB), created in 1990 as a program within the Coastal Fisheries … Seven reef sites within nine nautical miles of shore serve as accessible nearshore fishing and diving … More than 140 petroleum platforms—with more on the way—have found new purpose as marine habitat in the … Thirteen ships have been intentionally sunk as part of the Texas Artificial Reef Program, the largest …

Texas Boater Frequently Asked Questions

vessel of more than 15 horsepower; or windblown vessel over 14 feet in length; and meet the requirements as