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Nov. 2003 Commission Meeting Agenda – Finance Committee

HR-03-09 Reduction in Force (RIF) Policy The department may find it necessary to implement a RIF due …

November 7-8, 2007 Commission Meeting Agenda – item 12

hire the individual, or a decision to eliminate the individual's position in a reduction in force (RIF

June 30, 2011, Commission Meeting Transcripts — Finance Committee Budget Workshop

I think we’ve talked extensively about the RIF process, but, again, a very difficult and unfortunate … impact to the divisions up front, we did do ‑‑ we did budget some lapse up front to avoid having to RIF

Nov. 5, 2003 Commission Meeting Transcripts – Finance Committee

In the past when we had a RIF situation, it was ‑‑ basically people were let go based on their tenure …

Nov. 8, 2007, Commission Meeting Transcripts – Commission Meeting

hiring preference under this section is also entitled to a preference in retaining employment if in a RIF