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The Big Shift | | TPW magazine | May 2008

It's not that they don't believe that global warming is happening. … She's a little wary of the "bandwagon effect" in ascribing range changes to global warming when there … James Hansen, the NASA scientist who first sounded the alarm about global warming, says that if there … Although he is not ready to attribute the changes to global warming (simply because he doesn't know the … warming. …

News Release: Dec. 19, 2005: Coastal Fisheries Data Show Texas Bay Warming Trend

While the bay warming trend generally tracks with global warming data, TPWD scientists warned that it … News & Media News Releases Coastal Fisheries Data Show Texas Bay Warming Trend Dec. 19, 2005 Media Contact … To find out if and how much bay waters were warming, he looked at 4,506 individual temperature records … unprecedented anywhere,” said Jim Tolan, a TPWD coastal fisheries ecologist who is authoring a paper on the warming

Marbled Salamander (Ambystoma opacum)

warming. … recognizing and conserving salamander habitat where possible and by supporting the study of local and global … fertilizers, industrial waste, habitat destruction, introduced species, bacteria, ozone depletion, and global

Bronze Frog (Rana clamitans clamitans)

warming. … fertilizers, industrial waste, habitat destruction, introduced species, bacteria, ozone depletion and global

At Issue | TPW magazine | November 2004

Some folks believe it was acid rain, or insecticides, or “global warming.— Maybe it’s a combination of …

Western Yellow Bat (Lasiurus xanthinus)

It was speculated that global warming might play a role. …

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Caption/Information: Warming sunset over wetland. Terms of Use Go to main news images page. … Navigation: Resaca de la Palma State Park Group All Groups Group: Resaca de la Palma State Park Image: Warming

Spring Spawns Success|March 2019| TPW magazine

Warming water and lengthening daylight trigger their basic urge to spawn. … Photo by TPWD NICE CATCH Spring Spawn Success Warming weather means big fish in shallower waters. … Although big fish are caught in late winter, the first sign of warming water brings many of the lunkers … Warming water temperatures signal time for the annual spring spawn; trout waking up from the long, lean …

News Release: June 5, 2009: TPWD Battles Giant Salvinia On Caddo Lake

Not to development or global warming or neglect, but to a floating fern from South America first found …

Camille Parmesan's Butterfly Effect|July 2019| TPW magazine

The butterflies were moving to adapt to a warming climate. … “This was the early 1990s, when people weren’t even sure they were seeing a significant warming trend … published her findings in the scientific journal Nature , one of the first pieces of evidence that the warming … northward and 100 meters upward, which is exactly what she expected from the 0.7 degrees (Centigrade) of warming … butterfly’s migration patterns are shifting as their nectar sources become less available due to disruptive warming