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Aquatic Vegetation, Approved Treatment Proposals

AquaThruster 0.13 ac; 0.13 ac; 0.13 ac; 0.13 ac Lake Athens 5/1/23 Eelgrass; Pondweed; Maidencane; Lotus … AquaThruster; AquaThruster 5-10%; 5-10%; 5-10%; 5-10%; 5-10% Lake Athens 5/2/23 Pondweed; American lotus … Super K Liquid 1.5 ac Lake Athens 5/1/23 Coontail; Maidencain; Eel grass; Giant cutgrass; American lotus … ac; 0.13 ac; 0.13 ac; 0.13 ac Lake Athens 5/1/23 Eelgrass; American Pondweed; Coontail; Maidencane; Lotus … 5 ac; 5 ac; 5 ac; 5 ac; 2 ac Lake Athens 5/1/23 Eelgrass; American Pondweed; Coontail; Maidencane; Lotus

Fishing Mountain Creek Lake

Lotus occurs in various parts of the reservoir but mainly in the south end which is very shallow. … Dallas, Texas 75211 (214) 623-1018 Aquatic Vegetation A stand of lotus occurs near the northwest corner …

Draft Listing of Exotic Aquatic Plants Under Consideration for Approval for Sale in Texas

Chartacea) Nymphaea alba Nymphaea amazonum Amazon waterlily Nymphaea caerulea Egyptian lotus Nymphaea … , Oriental Lotus Neptunia aquatica Sensitive Plant Nesaea pedicellata Nesaea pedicellata Nuphar japonica … Blue waterlily Nymphaea colorata Nymphaea daubenyana Nymphaea flavovirens Nymphaea gigantea Nymphaea lotus … pinnatum Myriophyllum simulans Myriophyllum tuberculatum Najas gracillima Nelumbo nucifera East Indian Lotus

Fishing Lake Graham

The lake offers a variety of cover including smartweed, bulrush, pondweed and lotus. … Authority City of Graham PO Box 1449 Graham, Texas 76450 (940) 549-3322 Aquatic Vegetation Bulrushes, lotus

Fishing Big Creek Reservoir

Dallas Ave Cooper, Texas 75432-1726 (903) 395-4110 Aquatic Vegetation American lotus, Eurasian watermilfoil … Species Poor Fair Good Excellent Largemouth Bass Catfish Crappie Sunfish Fishing Cover/Structure American lotus

Fishing Gibbons Creek Reservoir

American lotus is also quite dense in the upper creeks. … Power Agency PO Box 7000 Bryan, Texas 77805 (936) 873-2424 Aquatic Vegetation Hydrilla and American lotus

Fishing Bonham State Park Lake

There are also stands of floating pondweed and American lotus. … Authority Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (903) 583-5022 Aquatic Vegetation Bushy pondweed, American lotus

Fishing Fort Parker State Park Lake

The upper 2/3 often has lotus or other emergent vegetation in dense stands, but shallow water limits … Department Fort Parker State Park Route 3 Box 95 Mexia, Texas 76667 (254) 562-5751 Aquatic Vegetation Lotus

Fishing Nacogdoches Lake

/Structure Habitat in Nacogdoches Lake consists of aquatic vegetation (mainly hydrilla and American lotus … 630648 Nacogdoches, Texas 75963-0648 (936) 559-2960 Aquatic Vegetation Primarily hydrilla and American lotus

Fishing B.A. Steinhagen Lake

Predominant types are water hyacinth, hydrilla, and American lotus. … Texas 75979-9631 (409) 429-3491 Aquatic Vegetation Primarily water hyacinth, hydrilla, and American lotus