A New Deal for Texas Parks Exhibit

This online exhibit and education center for teachers and students of Texas history, made possible in part through the generous support of Humanities Texas' Linden Heck Howell Texas History Grant. Explore how individuals, communities and landscapes in Texas were impacted by the New Deal Era. Discover how the Civilian Conservation Corps constructed many of the state parks we enjoy today. Explore a variety of primary source documents such as photographs, oral histories, letters and music that help tell this American story through the eyes of Texas.

As you experience the scrapbook, we invite you to create a keepsake of your own. Each introduction of the sections displayed in the scrapbook will have a keepsake envelope. Be sure to click on these envelopes and print the page that pops out. This page will be your guide as you engage in learning more from the impressive amount of primary sources throughout the site. In the end, you will create a keepsake of your own.

  1. Depression and Relief
  2. Nature Lovers, Texas Parks and Public Lands.
  3. Building Parks, Building Communities
  4. Keeping the Boys Busy
  5. CCC Legacies

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This online education center has been made possible through the generous support of Humanities Texas' Linden Heck Howell Texas History Grant. Humanities Texas is a state partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities. This project was also made possible through the support of contractor and project manager Michael Magruder of Media Engine, Light Design Works for creative and programming development, curriculum developer Jana Magruder, Stephen Cure and the Texas State Historical Association, and the Interpretation and Exhibits Branch of the State Parks Division of Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.

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