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Texas State-Fish Art Contest

Mail Texas entries to:
Texas State-Fish Art Contest
Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center
5550 F.M. 2495
Athens, TX 75752

DEADLINE: Entries must be postmarked by MARCH 31 annually.

The Texas State-Fish Art Contest is open to all Texas children in grades K through 12. Only one entry per child per year.

Each entry must include:

  • A completed entry form. Entry forms must be completed, signed, and attached with a glue stick to the back of the original artwork
  • Original artwork of participant's drawing
  • An essay or poem, no more than one page, about participant's fish entry, its habitat, or efforts to conserve it (not required for grades K-3)

Art Work

  • Must depict any officially designated state fish or Ontario, Canada designated fish. See the official fish list for information on all eligible species.
  • The fish should be depicted in its natural habitat.
  • Entries in the invasive species category (Silent Invader) should include both a state fish and an invasive species. The accompanying essay should be about the fish species and the conservation impact of the invasive species on it.
  • All artwork must be the contestant's original, hand-done creation and may not be traced or copied from published photographs or other artistic works. Photographs and computer-generated artwork will not be accepted.
  • All artwork should be horizontal, without a mat, frame or border. A loose cover sheet may be laid over the face for protection during shipping.
  • Art work should be 9" x 12" and not exceed 1/4" in total thickness.
  • Art techniques may include oils, scratch-board, pointillism, chalk, pastels, charcoal, colored pencil, dry brush, watercolor, crosshatch, lead, collage, linoleum printing, or crayon. (Spray lead, chalk and pastel entries with a fixative to eliminate scuffing and smudging.)
  • No artist's signature or initials may appear on the front of the artwork.


  • Should show the student's personal knowledge and understanding of the chosen fish, its habitat, behavior or conservation needs.
  • Must not exceed one page in length.
  • May be handwritten or typed, be decorated or have illustrations and/or be creative in appearance.
  • Should be original, in the contestant's own words.
  • Should include the student's name, grade and state on the back.
  • Essays will be judged separately from art work. Prizes are awarded by age category.


  • All contestants will receive a certificate of participation.
  • Winners will be announced in the spring.
  • Four winners from each state will be selected, one winner per grade group (K-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12), for a total of 200 winners nationwide.
  • Participants will compete within their own state and grade category regardless of species submitted.
  • Winning designs will be displayed at the Wildlife Forever State-Fish Art Expo in the summer following the contest deadline.
  • All winning designs will be displayed on the State-Fish Art website.

The Art of Conservation Stamp Award

Each year Wildlife Forever will select one design from all the entries for an attractive fish stamp. Criteria for selection of the award are as follows:

  • All rules, regulations and deadlines of the State-Fish Art Contest apply.
  • The state fish should be the dominant feature of the design, and the habitat must be appropriate for the species and state.
  • Designs may include fishing-related items.
  • Keep the design simple. The image will be reduced to create a stamp.
  • Color will be given priority over black and white.
  • Do not make the design look like a postage stamp. No numbers or design elements are allowed.

Additional Information

  • The State-Fish Art Contest is not open to the immediate relatives of Wildlife Forever or sponsor employees.
  • Immediate relatives are those living in the same household.
  • It is the contestant's responsibility to inform Wildlife Forever of any change of address for returns.

Wildlife Forever

  • Has the right to use the name and photo of any State-Fish Art contestant and the art image without compensation.
  • Can retain ownership of all artwork entered in the contest. In order to promote the Wildlife Forever State-Fish Art Contest, products may be produced from winning artwork images. Any monies realized from the sale or licensing of the artwork will be used to support the contest, wildlife conservation, and education initiatives. The winning artists must provide autographs upon request without charge to Wildlife Forever.
  • Retains all winning entries unless returned.
  • Will return all artwork upon request after August 31 of the contest year, if the student provides a self-addressed, stamped 10x13-inch envelope.
  • Will not insure entries it receives or be responsible for loss or damage of the entries.

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