Battleship Texas State Historic Site


You don't need a Navy or museum background to volunteer.

Your background, skills and interests qualify you for our volunteer program. We offer a tremendous range of volunteer experiences and if you don't see something that interests you, contact the Site Manager to discuss other opportunities. Call the Volunteer Services Coordinator at (281) 479-2431 ext. 244 for more information about opportunities.

Battleship Texas

Restoration - Do you like working with your hands? Work to make a compartment or artifact look as it did when the Battleship served active duty in the U.S. Navy.
Curatorial Support - Research, filing and cataloging of artifacts for Battleship records. Installation of exhibits.
Public Programs - Demonstration of equipment and presentation of the history of the ship. Interview veterans and record their story.
Administration - Assist with mailings and special projects.
Honors and Ceremonies - Dress in costume and participate in the numerous activities that are hosted throughout the year.

Educational Programs

Guided Tours - Battleship guided tours given to the public (open to all age groups). The tours will include a narration of the original construction and the modifications, the military history, discussion of the artifacts, and living history accounts.
Youth Overnight Program - This Battleship Texas program provides an educational and recreational experience for organized youth groups (7-18 years of age). Sleep in the same quarters as the crew, participate in a guided tour into parts of the ship that are closed to the public and experience Battleship life as a sailor during World War II. Contact Youth Overnight Program Manager for details (281) 542-0684.

Resident Volunteer

Unlimited opportunities await you - use your experience, talent, hobbies, work with students, serve as an interpreter or why not try something you always wanted to do. Volunteer and live within the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site. Volunteers are asked to work at least 25 hours per week per couple. In return you will be able to live within the historic site right on the Buffalo Bayou. Seven RV full hookup sites with telephone await your volunteer experience. A minimum commitment of one month is required with a maximum stay of six months. Some volunteer opportunities are listed above. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at (281) 479-2431 ext. 244

Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Volunteer

There are endless volunteer opportunities available throughout the T.P.W.D. system. You can contact each of the parks directly or go to the Volunteer Opportunities at State Parks web page

First Texas Volunteers

The First Texas Volunteers is a non-profit organization supporting the T.P.W.D. in restoration, maintenance, curatorial projects, tour guide, exhibits, educational programs, and participates in living history events on the Battleship.  

Houston Vintage Radio Volunteers

Houston Vintage Radio Association is a non-profit organization that assists with the restoration of the Battleship Radio Room as well as radio equipment. The volunteers' air broadcasts from the Texas with the vintage equipment during special activities throughout the year. 

U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps

The U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps has formed a unique partnership with the Battleship. The Battleship provides a historical nautical environment with a continuing education of naval history for their activities and monthly meetings. The Sea Cadets assist in the continuing restoration of the ship, provide guided tours, participate in commemorative events, and living history events.

U.S.S. Texas Veterans Association

The U.S.S. Texas Veterans Association is open to all veterans, their families and supporters. Their goal is to support ongoing preservation effort onboard the Battleship. The association holds a yearly reunion each October with many planned activities that are open to the public. Any one interested in joining the association should contact the Battleship Curator at (281) 479-2431 x248.

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