Battleship Closure Alert . . .

Ship Preservation

Preparing for the battleship’s future

Rusted through spot on ship's hull.As a one-of-a-kind artifact from the early 20th century, Battleship Texas is priceless. Throughout her service life, USS Texas fought to save the people of the United States. Now she needs your help.

With funds provided by the state of Texas and private donors, TPWD has worked to preserve the Battleship Texas over the years.

On June 9, 2012, the ship’s hull sprang new leaks, with higher water inflow than anything seen in the prior 15 years. TPWD closed the ship for emergency repairs; the repairs cost $2.3 million.

While no further major flooding has occurred, the ship continues to take on more water, and requires constant pumping. To address this situation, dry access to the outer hull is required. A cost effective way of completing this work has not been determined, but is necessary for the long-term preservation of the ship.

An October 2012 scope of work identified internal structural repairs needed to stabilize the ship. These repairs are unrelated to the hull issues, but are critical if the ship remains in a wet berth, and absolutely necessary if the ship ever moves into a dry berth.

In January 2014, Taylor Marine Construction, Inc. completed $20 million in critical structural repairs to the ship. However, this project could not fix all of the critical repairs noted in the 2012 scope of work.

The Texas Legislature approved $25 million to continue work on the repairs. This phase of the project will begin in 2016, and we anticipate its completion by November 2018.

TPWD will continue to work closely with the Battleship Texas Foundation and other partners to ensure the best possible care of the ship. We will continue to explore the full range of options available for caring for the ship in a sustainable manner. We will also continue to offer the best possible visitor experience.

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