Escondido Pens, Ojo Escondido, and Escondido Group Site in the Leyva Backcountry Zone

escondidiopens small
Escondido Pens.
ojoescondido small
Escondido Pens.

Escondido Pens constitutes several sites designated for large groups of tent campers and equestrian groups. There are holding pens and water for horses and mules. A rock formation to the north shelters the site from north winds.

This site is very accessible for people with limited movement and is excellent for a variety of youth outdoor activities. Great place to take off cross country in virtually any direction. Not far from Sauceda and Leyva Canyon Trailhead.

GPS Coordinates:  UTM 603410.8245 E 3263335.0525 N

Access:  Two-wheel drive high clearance.

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Ojo Escondido.
escondidiopens west small
Looking west from Ojo Escondido.

Ojo Escondido is north of the Escondido Pens. Tent pad sites allow excellent location for a group camp along a fence line not far from a pila (water tank), water trough and a small spring. The site is surrounded and protected by rocks and boulders. Mountains to the north offer protection from cold winter winds; it is open to the south. This site is a great camp for scouts and group nature activities, such as insect study, bird-watching, and water collection in the desert.

GPS Coordinates:  UTM 603719.5102 E 3263534.3099 N

AccessTwo-wheel drive high clearance.

escondidogroup small
Escondido Group Site.

Escondido Group Site is a very exposed large group meeting area out in the high desert. It is situated in low hills with ample room for family reunions. Site offers wildlife viewing, day hikes, mountain biking and photography, and views of La Mota Mountain to the west. The campsite has one fire ring, two tables and four tent pads.

GPS Coordinates:  UTM 601034.9101 E 3264646.4431 N

Access:  Four-wheel drive high clearance.

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