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Javelin & Javelin Pens

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Looking south

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Looking toward Fresno Peak

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Looking toward the south

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Looking toward the south

Javelin Pens is an eques­trian staging site set in an open flat­land ad­ja­cent to an arroyo.

Many large sheep corrals, wind­mill and water pump illus­trate how humans in the 20th century struggled to move water from one place to another. The residence is a ruin, surrounded by the remains of pump jacks and other ranching items. The small chicken wire fence was probably used for lambs and kid goats. The nearby holding pens enclose about 50 acres. This site has a large concrete sheep shearing floor, small barns and lean-tos.

To the south is a view of the Bofecillos Mountains. Looking east is La Cuesta Madrid. To the north are the peaks of Llano.


GPS Coordinates (NAD83):

  • UTM13 Easting:  601559.0222
    UTM Northing:  3253338.4373
  • Longitude DD -103.9532202273
    Latitude DD 29.4052292784
  • Longitude DMS -103 57 11.5928
    Latitude DMS 29 24 18.8254

Access:  The road from the west is a daunting drive. Javelin is best approached from the north and east.

  • Two-wheel drive high clearance natural surface road from the north and east.
  • Four-wheel drive high clearance from the south and west.

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Southeastern view

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Looking toward the south

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Looking toward el Solitario

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Looking toward Panther Mountains

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Northwestern view

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Nearby rock formations

Javelin Campsite is located in fields of waist-high flowers during the late summer, and it draws you into one of the many small canyons of Big Bend Ranch State Park. Just to the northeast, a small arroyo allows life-giving water to be absorbed into the ground refilling one of the deep aquifers that feed the springs of the park. Geometric mountains and hills of every shape surround this protected campsite. When the sun is in the right position, Fresno Peak glows in its light.

GPS Coordinates (NAD83):

  • UTM13 Easting:  600931.5152
    UTM Northing:  3253621.7429
  • Longitude DD -103.95966109
    Latitude DD 29.40783645
  • Longitude DMS -103 57 34.7799
    Latitude DMS 29 24 28.2112

Access:  Two-heel drive high clearance natural surface road.

Getting there (all distances and travel times are approximate):

  • Distance from Sauceda Ranger Station: 5.6 miles
  • Distance from intersection Madrid Road and North Loop Rancherias Road:  4.6 miles
  • Distance from intersection North Loop Rancherias Road and Javelin Campsite Spur:  .6 miles
  • Distance from Javelin Campsite Spur to campsite:  .4 mile
  • Driving time from Sauceda Ranger Station:  46 minutes

Nearby Trails:

  • #30 Javelin to Rancherias Loop
  • #49 Rancherias Loop.

About these sites:

  • Located in the Panther Backcountry Zone at an elevation of 4333 feet.

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