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Las Burras

All three Las Burras sites are accessed by a rugged but scenic four-wheel drive high clearance road. Drive carefully and slowly. Las Burras #1 is 1.5-hour drive from the main turn-off to the campsites.

Views from Las Burras #1.
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Las Burras #1:  Located in an eye-pleasing and elegant pass between two towering lava formations is Las Burras Uno. This area is home to the Canyon Wren, one of the most melodious songbirds of Big Bend Ranch State Park. Look on the steep-sided cliffs and rocky outcroppings for a brownish colored bird hopping along the rocky face - you have just found a Canyon Wren.

Placed in a beautiful location, Las Burras Uno is designated as a backcountry single campsite located in the Agua Adentro Backcountry Zone. Las Burras Uno is located approximately 12 miles southwest of Sauceda. The campsite has one picnic table, a fire ring and three tent pads. It is designed for eight people and has a three-vehicle limit. If you like captivating mountain scenery and excellent views, this is the spot for you.

GPS Coordinates (NAD83):

  • UTM13 Easting:  592047
    UTM Northing:  3256599

AccessFour-wheel drive high clearance. Travel west on Camino a la Sauceda on the two-wheel drive all-access road to the livestock pens at Agua Adentro. Turn south onto the four-wheel drive high-clearance West Oso Loop Road to the junction of Las Burras Road. Travel on Las Burras Road until reaching Las Burras Uno.

Getting there (all distances and travel times are approximate):

  • Sauceda to Agua Adentro - 8.0 miles
  • West Oso Road to the Junction of Las Burras Road - 1.6 miles
  • Las Burras Road to Las Burras Uno - 2.1 miles
  • Approximate time to travel - 2.0 hours

About these sites:

  • Great views of the Bofecillos Mountains and canyon lands.
  • High potential for mule deer and aoudad sightings.
  • 360 degrees of exquisite photography.
  • Trailheads for Bofecillos Mountain trekking.
  • Located between several large boulders and very protected, with uninterrupted views towards the southwest.

Views from Las Burras #2.
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Las Burras #2:  This is a group site and has southern exposure. In winter, except in times of high wind, it will be very pleasant during the day. Group site tables are sheltered by a rock formation several hundred feet high that offers some protection from north winds. The nearby canyons make this a good site for bird watching, especially for birds of prey. This is a very remote and isolated site offering a true backcountry experience. Look especially for javelinas, rock wrens, quail and spring wildflowers in profusion.

Access:  Four-wheel drive high clearance.

Views from Las Burras #3.
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Las Burras #3:  Burras Tres, as it is known, is near the end of the road. It offers a "picture postcard" breathtaking view of the mountains in Mexico. The houses and cultivated fields in the southwest are in Mexico. Here the sun sets in our neighbor to the south. Isolated, quiet and scenic; it has it all. Burras Tres is surrounded by a variety of high desert plants including agave, ocotillo, and numerous desert grasses for study.

AccessFour-wheel drive high clearance. About 2.5 hours from the turn-off from the Sauceda Road. Drive carefully and slowly.

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