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Views from Mexicano #1.
mexicano 1 small   mexicano 2 small

Mexicano #1:  This site is surrounded by mountains on all sides, with a southeast exposure. The fire ring and picnic table are nestled against a rock facing. Mexicano #1 is good for large family groups and offers great opportunities for day hikes, rock watching and birding. Geology shows the power of uplifting.

Access:  Four-wheel drive high clearance.

Views from Mexicano #2.
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Mexicano #2:  This site sits in a bowl, open to east but protected from most winds. Excellent view of the pila (water tank) on the horizon. To the north is a large dramatic rock formation. Campsite gives one the feeling of being in a small amphitheater. The nearby terrain is covered with a variety of desert plants, including numerous varieties of grasses. Sunrises and sunsets will be dramatic. This is an excellent site for families.

Access:  Four-wheel drive high clearance.

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