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Papalote Llano & Papalote Llano Nuevo

View from Papalote Llano.
paplote llano 1 small

Papalote Llano:  This site is out in the open near the papalote (windmill), large pila (water tank) and corrals. Campers are surrounded by the remains and artifacts of ranching history. The prominent peak to the west is Tascate Peak. La Mota stands alone to the northwest. This is a great overnight destination for mountain bikers and high-clearance tent trailers.

Access:  Two-wheel drive high clearance.


View from Papalote Llano Nuevo.
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Papalote Llano Nuevo:  This site is a cactus lover's bonanza with easy mountain bike access. It is tucked against a small hill, protected on the north from winter winds. A profusion of Mammillaria and a variety of desert plants surround the site. You will enjoy great views in all directions, particularly if you climb the low hill behind the site. Amazing sunsets are visible from the upper portion of the hill.

Access:  Two-wheel drive high clearance.

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